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The Tiny Rick Vs. Pickle Rick Debate Continues Among Rick And Morty Fans

When mad geniuses get bored, they have a penchant for turning themselves into various abominations. That's the lesson learned from Rick Sanchez of "Rick and Morty," who, multiple times throughout the series, changes his body for various purposes (usually to avoid expressing his true feelings about a situation). This happened in the Season 2 episode, "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez," where Rick turns into a younger, smaller version of himself, affectionately referred to as "Tiny Rick."

However, for many fans, the idea was perfected in Season 3 with the infamous "Pickle Rick" episode where the scientist transformed himself into, you guessed it, a pickle. While both episodes are inherently silly, they also dive deep into the depressing psyche of Rick and how he turns to science to avoid his problems. He wants to remain Tiny Rick because he's afraid of aging, and turning himself into a pickle was a ruse to get out of therapy. Each version has hilarious lines and produced numerous memes, although the phenomenon that arose out of Pickle Rick defies logical explanation all these years later. But which type do fans prefer best?

It's really a matter of personal preference

It's a tough call on which Rick reigns supreme. Tiny Rick had the catchier song, but Pickle Rick ended up with a higher body count. "Rick and Morty" fans aren't any closer to resolving this debate, as it's the wild west out on various Reddit posts. 

Numerous threads have emerged on the site of viewers debating whether Tiny Rick or Pickle Rick is best, and it's hard to draw any definitive conclusions. On the Tiny Rick side of the argument, Redditor u/AnChaan thought the character had greater potential, "Tiny Rick, he could have been expanded upon given enough time on it." Others seem to think the meme-ification of Pickle Rick soured them on the character, with u/sam_m0ss writing, "Pickle Rick was funny for a but, but tiny Rick is timeless. I will always find that episode entertaining no matter how many times I watch it."

For the Pickle Rick stans, the character simply did cooler things, as one user wrote, "Pickle. Rick was undone by his own hubris, said never mind that s***, became a badass, and had a hilariously awesome action movie just to avoid therapy." Similarly, u/Zet_the_Arc_Warden found this version of Rick a bit more active: "With Tiny Rick the punchline was that he was just a smaller version of himself. With Pickle Rick I feel they did a bit more." Of course, some fans have the right idea by combining the two characters, resulting in Tiny Pickle Rick, which would probably just be Cornichon Rick. Just don't get him next to a charcuterie platter.