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Can You Visit Ghostbusters: Afterlife's Spengler Farmhouse In Real Life?

The "Ghostbusters" franchise is full of iconic architecture, from the "Spook Central" of 550 Central Park West to the iconic "Ghostbusters" firehouse. The real life building that serves as the firehouse exterior is in Tribeca and even features the iconic Ghostbusters logo, though it's worth mentioning that the movie's interior scenes were shot in Los Angeles, and thus different from the actual building. 

Likewise, "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" might continue the trend of memorable buildings ... but the fans who are looking to visit the movie's marvelously ghastly farmhouse in Summerville, Oklahoma shouldn't book a trip quite yet. For one, the movie was actually filmed in the Calgary area of Alberta, Canada (via Calgary Herald). There's also the not insignificant fact that the house doesn't actually exist, and therefore can't be visited. The farmhouse and its trimmings are a location set built specifically for "Ghostbusters: Afterlife," and therefore not an actual building that you can visit.   

The area the movie's filmed in is still there, but iconic locales have drastically changed

As "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" has a decidedly more rural vibe than its New York City-centric predecessors, the areas of Alberta it was shot in are instrumental to the overall experience. Because the movie is a continuation of one of the most iconic comedy franchises in history, it's pretty understandable that Reitman and his team chose to build their own farmhouse for the shoot instead of using a pre-existing one. After all, why subject some poor farmer to a potential horde of "Ghostbusters" tourists? 

However, some other iconic locations for the movie were very decidedly real, pre-existing ones — but that doesn't mean visiting them is any more rewarding than trying to locate the iconic farmhouse. Several of the movie's scenes used real-life locations in smallish places like the town of Crossfield, though as always, movie magic and reality may differ significantly. The movie's Summerville Middle School, for instance, is the W.G. Murdoch School in Crossfield — but thanks to a recent renovation to its parking lot, the real thing now looks very different from the movie.