Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Adds Another Original Film Franchise Star To The Roster

It seems as if another actor from 1996's first "Mission: Impossible" film is joining the franchise again in this summer's upcoming "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One." Hot off of his appearance in "Scream 6," Henry Czerny was previously announced as re-joining the cast as Eugene Kittridge, the former director of the IMF, the agency Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) belongs to. Czerny is set to appear in both "Part One" and "Part Two" of the "Dead Reckoning" films. Now it seems he will be joined by actor Rolf Saxon, who also appeared in the first film, for "Dead Reckoning Part Two."

Saxon played William Donloe, a CIA analyst tasked with overseeing highly classified documents, in the famous (and often parodied in pop culture) vault scene where Hunt drops down from the ceiling to steal said documents in the first film. "Dead Reckoning" director Christopher McQuarrie posted a photo to his Instagram today of Saxon, now rocking a beard, stating he will return to the franchise. Saxon's character Donloe was fired and reassigned to work in Alaska after failing to secure the documents Hunt made off with after the tense vault dropdown.

Many connections to the first film have been alluded to for Dead Reckoning

Henry Czerny and Rolf Saxon returning aren't the only connections "Dead Reckoning Part One" and "Part Two" have to the first "Mission: Impossible" film. Vanessa Kirby will be playing Alanna Mitsopolis, an arms dealer working in the black market, who happens to be the daughter of Max Mitsopolis, Vanessa Redgrave's character from the first film.

The two films' director Christopher McQuarrie also posted earlier today on his Instagram that actor Lucy Tulugarjuk was also going to appear in the final film. In his Instagram post, she's wearing a large, heavy jacket in a snow-laden set, calling to mind a famous set piece from the original film as well.

Fans will see what and how it all connects when "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One" is in theaters in July of this year, and the final film in the long-running series, "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two" hits theaters in June 2024.