Some Mandalorian Fans Think The Armorer Is Starting To Seem A Little Suspicious

Contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian" Season 3, Episode 4 — "Chapter 20: The Foundling"

The Armorer on "The Mandalorian" (featuring actress Emily Swallow under the helmet) is a familiar presence for fans of the Disney+ series and one who occupies a lofty position within the warrior clan's hierarchy. Playing a key role in various episodes in Seasons 1 and 3, the taciturn, beskar-forging character turns up at pivotal moments in the life of Grogu's armored adoptive dad, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). She often provides insights into and guidance concerning the Mandalorian Creed, which includes questioning Mando as to how closely he's hewed to the creed's demanding code of ethics, honor, and behavior.

As viewers are well aware, it's The Armorer who discovers Djarin has actually removed his helmet in front of another. This, of course, is a highly taboo violation of the creed. The only way to remedy this breach is to bathe in the Living Waters found deep within the Mines of Mandalore. Djarin manages to achieve this risky feat with the assistance of Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan Kryze. In a key moment, while rescuing Djarin beneath the surface, Bo briefly spots the looming bulk of an ancient mythosaur lurking in the depths. Djarin later returns to The Armorer to prove that the planet isn't poisoned, as rumor says, and that he bathed in the mine's holy waters. And it's The Armorer's utterly blasé reaction to his successful completion of this task that prompted fans like Reddit poster u/jobstopher to ask bluntly, "Why is the armorer so shady?"

Some fans feel The Armorer is hiding something

Fans of "The Mandalorian" took to the show's subreddit to discuss the Season 3, Episode 4 moment when Din Djarin returns to The Armorer with proof that he undertook the required Living Waters' ritual. For series' fan u/Razzle_Dazzle08, The Armorer's low-key response to Mando's extraordinary deed triggered alarms. "Great episode," they wrote, but then followed up to say, "The Armourer did not really react there at the end though?"

Other devotees of the show joined in to add their own thoughts about The Armorer's behavior, with u/Danielarcher30 noting the legend surrounding the mythosaur, the giant aquatic beast glimpsed by Bo-Katan. "There is a prophecy linked to the return of the mythosaur, something like 'whoever the mythosaur shows itself to will herald a new age of mandalore'." The poster went on to suggest this could explain The Armorer's reserved attitude, writing, "It could be that the armourer doesn't want this new age as it may usurp her authority." Series' buff u/ann260691 agreed this might be the case, saying, "The armourer didn't want to believe the planet wasn't poisoned, now she doesn't believe there's a mithosaur ... i have a feeling she maybe likes the things the way they are."

Meanwhile, u/andytheg proposed an entirely different explanation for The Armorer's reaction — or lack thereof — having to do with her beskar blacksmithing work: "I think she's secretly gone to Madalore, she's using living waters in a lot of her forging."

Emily Swallow has a much different take on The Armorer's role

With all of those comments from fans in mind, it's plain to see that The Armorer will be one of the most closely-watched characters throughout the remainder of "The Mandalorian" Season 3. Despite only a few episodes reaching Disney+ at the time of these discussions, she has already managed to generate more intriguing theories and comments than her main cast counterparts. Although, if actress Emily Swallow is to be believed, for as mysterious as The Armorer may seem, she's not out to make any big power plays.

"I think that she is an ally to Mando. I don't feel like she's someone who is seeking power," Swallow told Screen Rant in an interview, explaining that her main goal is to help Din Djarin reach his fullest potential. She also mentioned that she's driven by her faith in the Mandalorian people and their ever-important creed to the degree that she doesn't go out of her way to get caught up in her past or potential future. On a personal note, Swallow adds that she's blown away by the response toward the character from "Star Wars" fans.

The Armorer was noticeably absent from "The Mandalorian" Season 2, only for her to return in one episode of "The Book of Boba Fett" ahead of the "Mandalorian" Season 3's debut. Considering this batch of episodes' focus on Mandalorian culture, it stands to reason viewers will spend a lot more time with The Armorer in the coming weeks. One can only hope for the curious among the "Star Wars" fandom that the impending episodes have more to offer by way of The Armorer's background and motives.