The Mandalorian Now Needs To Gift Us With Kelleran Beq's Droid Companions

"The Mandalorian" certainly likes to make references to esoteric "Star Wars" lore, as well as bringing in characters from other series, such as Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff). Fans have been given plenty of screen time with Bo-Katan so far, and, in Chapter 20, audiences were treated to a surprise cameo from Kelleran Beq (Ahmed Best). Jedi Master Beq originally appeared on the children's game show "Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge." Actor Ahmed Best should sound familiar because he also happens to be the person who played Jar Jar Binks, though fans probably won't be seeing that character again anytime soon.

"Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge" sees Jedi Master Beq and his two droid companions hosting a contest for children that covers all of the Jedi tenets of knowledge, wisdom, and strength. This usually translates into obstacle courses and puzzles. He is joined by his trusty sidekicks AD-3 (Mary Holland) and LX-R5. Now that Jedi Master Beq has been introduced in "The Mandalorian," one can only hope that AD-3 and LX-R5 pop up later in the series — and since viewers have not yet been treated to the conclusion of Beq and Grogu's story, there is definitely a chance that this will happen.

AD-3 would be a great addition to The Mandalorian

Checking out the very first episode of "Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge" on YouTube, one can see that Jedi Master Beq is incredibly energetic about his status as a teacher of Padawans. He's enthusiastic about his role, and his two droid companions are never far away. LX-R5's personality is somewhat tricky to pin down because they respond with the beeps and whistles typical of astromech droids, but the protocol droid AD-3 has much more personality, and she is just as eager as Jedi Master Beq when it comes to laying out the trials for the young contestants.

Speaking with the official "Star Wars" website, Mary Holland spoke about what she liked about lending her voice to AD-3. "She was much goofier than I thought she would be initially," Holland said. "I was maybe trying to go for more of a snarky or brash sort of droid, but she's quite innocent and bubbly and enthusiastic and just excited by everything around her. That doesn't mean that she can't toss in a good jab here and there, but she's so good natured and eager to please and eager to be a part of everything, and that was so fun to discover."

Considering that Jedi Master Beq is now an official part of "The Mandalorian," there is definitely a chance that AD-3 and LX-R5 will appear in a future episode. Holland's bubbly protocol droid could inject some levity as Season 3 progresses.