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The Mandalorian Ch 20 Might Just Kill The 'Jar-Jar Binks Was A Sith Lord' Theory

Contains spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 4 — "Chapter 20: The Foundling" 

"The Mandalorian" Season 3 is loaded with surprises for diehard "Star Wars" fans, from Bo-Katan's (Katee Sackhoff) brief encounter with the living, legendary Mythosaur to an unexpected actor in Episode 4. In "Chapter 20: The Foundling," we witness Grogu's (voiced by David Acord) dangerous escape from the clone troopers as he's guided by a familiar face in the formidable Jedi Master named Kelleran Beq. Longtime fans of the series will recognize him as Ahmed Best (Jar-Jar Binks), whose recent presence may even debunk a popular and outlandish fan theory.

It's no secret that a large portion of "Star Wars" fandom found the odd alien being in "Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace" obnoxious. However, fans may not know the intense wave of violent backlash that followed the film was aimed at the actor who portrayed Jar-Jar. This also had a long-lasting impact on Best, who was never the same after playing Jar-Jar Binks. As he vanished from the spotlight, fans came up with bizarre theories about his character, mainly that the clumsy fool is actually a malicious Sith Lord.

The odd theory, which fittingly started on Reddit, suggests that Jar-Jar Binks is a powerful force user who would play a larger role in Palpatine's (Ian McDiarmid) evil plan. With Best's scene-stealing role in Episode 4, this theory likely just met its end.

Kelleran Beq's heroic actions essentially debunks the theory

In the exciting and memorable Episode 4, directed by Greef Karga himself (Carl Weathers), we revisit that fateful day when the clone troopers received Order 66 to betray the Jedi. On Coruscant, countless Jedi fall to protect Grogu until the powerful Master Kelleran Beq rescues the youngling. In an impressive feat, he wields two lightsabers to protect Grogu while taking out plenty of deserving clone troopers.

After a nail-biting speed chase through the luminescent city, Beq meets with reinforcements to get Grogu out safely. As the youngest aspiring Mandalorian watches his armor being smithed, he flashes back to Beq, outrunning two enemy ships and sailing away at light speed. This hopeful ending leaves Beq's return wide open, while the return of Jar-Jar Binks, especially an evil one, seems extraordinarily unlikely with Best's new role.

Additionally, "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," seemingly eradicated the evil Palpatine for good leaving Jar-Jar Binks without a sinister leader. This glaring detail, coupled with Best's standout part as Kelleran Beq, probably kills the evil Jar-Jar Binks theory as the actor embraces a celebratory new role.