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Mandalorian S3E4 Devastates Fans By Revisiting The Most Tragic Incident In The Franchise

This article contains spoilers for "The Mandalorian" Season 3, Episode 4

While "The Mandalorian" was always going to fire the heroes into some dangerous situations, it's always tough seeing Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, in any type of peril. Some fans of the show don't even like seeing the miniature Jedi upset in any way, as evidenced by some of the reactions to Season 3, Episode 4.

In this episode, Grogu experiences a traumatic flashback to Order 66, an event that saw the Galactic Republic attempt to wipe out all of the Jedis in the galaxy far, far away. Fortunately, Grogu was saved and is still alive and well on "The Mandalorian," but his flashback was still disturbing to watch for some viewers. "I f***ing teared up, grogu's in pain remembering his past," Twitter user @omgahgase wrote. "[H]e was /terrified/ during order 66 and barely escaped."

While the scene was arguably necessary for filling in the blanks about Grogu's history, some "Mandalorian" fans wish that the flashback sequence never happened. That said, the scene clearly had the emotional effect that it set out to achieve.

The Order 66 flashback was upsetting and effective, according to Mandalorian fans

The latest episode of "The Mandalorian" deals with some weighty topics, so it's understandable why some fans were upset about Grogu's brutal trip down memory lane. In fact, some of them, including a Twitter user by the name of @NeoYeo501st, felt that the Order 66 scene went too far. "GROGU ORDER 66 FLASHBACK??!?!?!??!!! THAT WAS COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR," they wrote while sharing a gif of Pedro Pascal looking visibly upset.

This viewpoint was echoed by @JOELSMILLR, who couldn't bear seeing Grogu so upset. "Grogu's sad eyes remembering order 66 killed me," they revealed. Clearly, fans are still shaken by Order 66 at the best of times, but experiencing it from Grogu's point of view solidified the disturbing nature of the event.

Elsewhere, @imhkenobi noted that the "Star Wars" saga has a tendency to go for the jugular from time to time. "That order 66 flashback got me sooo. star wars loves to see us in PAIN." Other viewers, such as @blackstairshq, actually praised the Order 66 sequence for presenting a fresh recollection of the events — but that didn't stop them from finding the scenes any less harrowing. "[W]e finally found out what happened to grogu during order 66 but also... we had to relive order 66 AGAIN how many times are we gonna do this?"

The flashback was certainly a lot to handle, but it deserves some praise for creating a surprising moment that many "Mandalorian" fans loved — and it was long overdue.

The Order 66 scene gave Ahmed Best a moment to shine

While it was tough to watch Grogu fear for his life, his escape was pretty epic — and it boasted the biggest surprise in the episode. That's because his rescuer was none other than Kelleran Beq, played by Jar Jar Binks star Ahmed Best. This time, however, the actor got to play a Jedi who's a complete butt-kicker.

After years of being associated with such a maligned character, "Mandalorian" viewers were delighted to see Best receive a big moment to shine. "Ahmed Best playing the Jedi that saved Grogu during Order 66 was EVERYTHING..he deserves this so much," @nightwaynes declared.

Elsewhere, some fans were happy to see the "Star Wars" franchise bring Best back into the fold as it showed that the creators weren't bucking to the more toxic contingent of the franchise's fandom. "Ahmed Best was bullied by toxic fanboys to the point of contemplating suicide for his portrayal of Jar Jar Binks. Twenty years later and he's now the Jedi Knight who saves Grogu from Order 66. You love to see it," @Pinko69420 wrote. "[O]f all the crap Ahmed Best was put through over the years — I'm legit thrilled to see that he has the most badass redemption arc. Most important Jedi Kelleran Beq," @thizzinbelizzin added.

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