Deadliest Catch's Sig Hansen Believes The Show Inspires Young Fans' Work Ethic

When it comes to the young greenhorns who bravely battle the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea on FX's hit series "Deadliest Catch," there's really no one who can seriously question their level of work ethic. For these newbies, that level of commitment goes hand-in-hand with real life-or-death situations. For fans at home, watching these deckhands battle harsh weather, 24-plus-hour shifts, and countless unforeseen dangerous circumstances can be safely observed from a warm and cozy couch. For Sig Hansen, captain of the featured vessel The Northwestern, the work put in by these young crewmen is an excellent inspiration for young fans at home and he hopes the example the deckhands show pushes them off the gaming chair.

When Hansen spoke to Gamer Live TV about the show's popularity and its effects on younger fans at home, he said, "I think that it's inspired them and their work ethic. And they don't have to be fishermen to prove anything." Of course, Hansen's most important hope is that it's the younger generation of upcoming fishermen that will end up emulating that level of work ethic seen on the show consistently over the years. But as for the young viewers at home, he said, "Instead of maybe sitting on your butt all day long playing video games or maybe at a computer all day long, they might see a little reward at actually using your hands." Ironically, the very show that features Hansen and these young deckhands also contributes to the very gaming generation he's talking about.

The show can be the nudge young fans need

Sig Hansen believes his newer crewmen on "Deadliest Catch" inspire young fans at home to improve their work ethic by showing them what it takes to have a job that requires physical and mental strength. And his main hope is to help push these same kids away from video games to do something productive, maybe even physically demanding. However, taking advantage of a series' popularity can sometimes push against that very message. You can now find several "Deadliest Catch"-inspired video games to play, including "Deadliest Catch The Game"," which can be purchased on Steam, and the older title "Deadliest Catch Sea of Chaos" on Xbox 360. These titles allow younger fans to get a taste of the crabbing job from the comfort of their home. But that option still hasn't stopped some fans from thinking they could turn that digital skill into real-life work.

For fans of the show who think they can handle a job on the deck of an Alaskan fishing vessel, Captain "Wild" Bill Wichrowski, leader of the Summer Bay, believes these hopefuls have a harsh lesson to learn. "I'll be generous and say one in ten people will make it, and that's probably an exaggeration," he told Comic Book. " ... and they realize, 'Holy smokes, this is ten times worse than I thought it would be ...'" Hopefully for Hansen and other cast members, at least some of those younger fans recognize that there could be more to life than just breaking a high score.