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HotD's Ryan Condal Is Keeping Winds Of Winter Secrets To Himself

George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" may be the most prolific series of novels in the world — despite many fans believing the series will never be completed. Indeed, Martin began writing the sixth book in the series, titled "The Winds of Winter," back in 2012 and still has yet to complete the initial manuscript for that book. A seventh novel to conclude the series, titled "A Dream of Spring," is also planned.

With the immense success of HBO's "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon" (two adaptations of Martin's work set at different periods in Westerosi history), it's safe to say that "The Winds of Winter" is one of the most highly-anticipated novels of all time, one which only a few people have any insider information about. One of those people just so happens to be "House of the Dragon" co-creator Ryan Condal, who spoke virtually at a fan panel and admitted that Martin had let him in on a few secrets from the upcoming novel.

"I'm as excited for 'The Winds of Winter' as everybody in that room. I know some things because George just mentions things at times," Condal explained. "He's told me things that have, not a direct connection [to 'House of the Dragon], but when he's explaining mythologies and things like that, he'll just casually mention things." Fans are certain to be jealous after hearing that Condal has some inside scoop on "The Wind​s of Winter” –- and will no doubt wonder what exactly these secrets might entail.

These secrets could relate to the White Walkers, or perhaps Valyria

Although the story of "Game of Thrones" branched off from the novels around Season 5 (omitting certain characters like Victarion Greyjoy and an entire subplot about another alleged Targaryen claiming the Iron Throne), it's worth noting that the show left plenty of questions unanswered after the series finale.

Most notably, the series failed to provide concrete answers about the White Walkers and their ultimate plans — despite teasing aspects of their culture and even their creation at various points throughout the series. It's important to note that Ryan Condal says that George R.R. Martin has given him insider information about "mythologies," which might refer to the mysterious legends or history of the White Walkers (or "Others," as they're called in the books) since they are supposedly a key part of the forthcoming novel.

Condal could also refer to the foggy history of the Targaryens and their flight from Valyria, especially since "House of the Dragon" has already given fans some major revelations about the prophecy that led the Targaryens to Westeros in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Condal will let slip any of the secrets he's learned about "Winds of Winter." As such, we'll just have to wait until the book is released for any concrete information about these lingering mysteries.