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Rick And Morty Theory: Tricia Lange Is A Galactic Federation Spy

When a show deals with traveling the galaxy, different universes, and political intrigue, it's bound to conjure up fan theories. "Rick and Morty" checks all those boxes neatly, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that fans are always trying to figure out what will happen next and how characters will play into future storylines. One such theory concerns itself with Summer's schoolmate — Tricia Lange. 

She first popped up in Season 3 and has gone on to appear as a friend to both Summer and Morty's love interest, Jessica. She enjoys snake jazz, has strong opinions on the origin of the word "s'more," and finds Jerry's beekeeping hobby totally adorable. But what if there's more to Tricia than simply being a teenage girl? What if she's actually a spy sent from the Galactic Federation to once again spy on Rick? 

The theory's intriguing, especially considering another one of Summer's classmates, Tammy, also turned out to be a Galactic Federation spy. The show probably wouldn't want to repeat itself, but the two characters do share some similarities that give this theory weight.

The Galactic Federation probably would be dumb enough to try this gambit again

Here's the thing: sending a Galactic Federation spy to infiltrate the Smith family worked once before. They managed to kill Birdperson and probably offed a few other designated terrorists during Tammy and Birdperson's wedding. So it wouldn't necessarily be out of the question for the Federation to try it again. 

For starters, Tricia and Tammy are both outspoken sexually. Tammy couldn't help but hit on Birdperson during the Season 1 finale party. And Tricia has been known to say some very NSFW lines of dialogue while at school. She also tends to stay in the background of most of her "Rick and Morty" episodes, allowing her to be close to Rick but not close enough to where he would immediately get suspicious again. She also isn't trying to get with any of Rick's friends because it probably goes without saying Rick wouldn't go to another wedding after Birdperson's. 

It's also worth mentioning that Tammy and Tricia are voiced by the same actress — Cassie Steele. The Federation is mostly comprised of similar-looking bug creatures, so it would be within its wheelhouse to send similar teenage brunettes to keep an eye on the Smith family. Could Tricia soon reveal her true intentions? Rick's pretty busy these days hunting Rick Prime, leaving his guard down for the Galactic Federation to strike when he least expects it.