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Harry Potter Fans Love Harry And Ron's Potion Book Fight In Half-Blood Prince

With a movie franchise like "Harry Potter," which expands over eight films, there are countless moments that individual fans resonate with more than others. These films have brought a different level of dedication and scrutinization as plenty of people watch them over and over again, developing affection for their favorite scenes and criticizing others that they can do without. There is often a consensus among fans about which of the scenes they find the most enjoyable, as well as those they flat-out hate, causing plenty of debate across the usual online platforms. As for viewers who comment on their favorites, the moment Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ron (Rupert Grint) get into a minor physical struggle over a Potions textbook in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is surely one of them.

The scene occurs during the front half of the film when Harry and Ron show up fairly late to Professor Slughorn's (Jim Broadbent) initial Potions class. After the boys reveal they haven't yet gotten a textbook, the professor directs them to the cupboard to fetch one and join the class. When our two Gryffindor heroes reach that cupboard, they find exactly two textbooks remaining. However, one is brand-spanking-new and the other looks like it's been beaten by The Whomping Willow. After a quick glance at each other, the boys physically struggle back and forth, both vying for the new book. Ron triumphs, leaving Harry with what ends up being Snape's note-filled old textbook. Despite the moment only lasting a few seconds, it's one that many fans find as one of their favorites.

The scene was not even in the original book

One of the most interesting facts about fans loving the moment between Harry and Ron fighting over a Potions textbook is that the short interaction cannot be found in the novels but was actually added to the movie, as Reddit commentator u/nuhanala points out, "This is one of those little scenes that I actually forgot wasn't even in the book until I listened to all the audiobooks recently." The producers' decision to pop this moment in proved to be a solid choice for many "Harry Potter" fans, each with their own reasons. Some loved the struggle's aftermath more than the fight itself. 

Over on YouTube, @ohkaygoplay enjoyed not only the physical part but also the moment following with, "Ron and Harry fighting over the nicer textbook, Ron winning, and Harry smacking the book in his hand out of spite while Ron still grins in sheepish victory is the most realistic and relatable high school boy best friends thing to do ever. " The discussion also turns to how Ron won this friendly battle over Harry, the only wizard to survive a Voldemort attack. U/Fossekall believes, "Got practice fighting for things against brothers, makes sense he'd win." 

One fan, @silasgreaves6134, believes that in addition to the lesson itself, Professor Slughorn knew what he was doing by sending the boys to the cupboard by posting, "A teacher setting a friendly competition in front of his students for a tidy reward, which directly or indirectly gets them to learn." Whatever the reason this particular movie-only moment was added, it clearly brought out a positive reaction from many fans, allowing them to connect with these characters who experience a friendly struggle that plenty of at-home Muggles are familiar with.