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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Once Swore On Sesame Street (& Elmo Called Her Out)

One may think that being able to answer the question of what happens on "Sesame Street" when the cameras aren't rolling is as tough to determine as understanding whether or not a tree that falls in the woods makes a sound if nobody's there to hear it. For many years, parents and their kids have only really heard the songs and witnessed the activities the Muppets and humans experience within the fictional urban neighborhood. But thanks to the wonder and beauty of YouTube-posted outtakes, fans can now occasionally get a rare glimpse into the production of the long-running children's educational series. And one of these clips, which features guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is hilarious enough to be continuously passed around social media.

Back in 1994, Louis-Dreyfus popped up on the popular kids' show as a guest star. This particular golden moment, one that's surely more for adult viewing than it is for kids, happens in between takes while the "Seinfeld" star is performing a scene with Muppets Elmo and Zoe. In the episode she was filming, she messed up a line and self-cut the scene after first uttering the expletive "s***." Although this didn't seem to faze Louis-Dreyfus one bit, little Elmo was quick to call her out. "She said a bad word," declared the red Muppet. This brought laughs from both Louis-Dreyfus and the crew behind the camera. Since then, this hysterical clip has made its journey throughout the Internet.

Dreyfus's potty mouth may have cost her big-time

For decades, PBS' "Sesame Street" has had its fair share of celebrity guest appearances, many of whom took the gig because they have kids of their own. Regardless of why Julia Louis-Dreyfus decided to appear on the show, everything took a backseat to the one PG-13 dialogue slip she experienced during the filming of her episode. After Elmo called her out for saying "s***," the popular Muppet declared that she owed $5, likely referring to a donation to a common swear jar. It seems likely that this bad word flub was one of many (or in anticipation of there being much more), as Louis-Dreyfus explained to Elmo that "you're going to be a rich Muppet by the end of this day."

This isn't the first enjoyable outtake that has been posted from "Sesame Street." Fans of both Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais can watch hilarious cut-out clips from their respective visits to the show. This also isn't the first time a bad-word situation has revolved around the series. Some people believed that the Muppet Grover uttered the F-word in one scene that actually made it to air. However, sometimes it's possible to hear words that aren't actually spoken, as it was proven that the perceived line of dialogue, "That's a f***ing excellent idea," was in reality, "That sounds like an excellent idea."