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Whatever Happened To Rico And Ja'mari From MTV's Catfish?

MTV's "Catfish" just wouldn't have the same allure if everyone on it were an upstanding, honest, 100% real person. Even before the show became the sleekly produced thrill ride that it is now, it was mining drama from people's lies online. Still, there were couples in those early days — like Season 1's Rico and Ja'mari — who managed to weather the lies and stay together by the end of their episode.

Sadly, though, Rico and Ja'mari don't appear to be a couple anymore. While Rico had managed to look past the "model" Ja'mari's lies about his name (his real name was James), employment status (he was a bus driver), and history of incarceration (he was not not fresh out of jail), the two revealed at a "Catfish" Season 1 reunion that they had split up after filming.

However, that doesn't mean that the two haven't found happiness. In fact, Ja'mari even found a husband.

James tweeted about his husband in 2014

Though Rico and Ja'mari told Max Joseph and Nev Schulman during their Season 1 reunion that they had broken things off, they also revealed that they were still friendly — thus proving that not every "Catfish" episode has to end in disaster. However, both men have been inconsistent with regards to their social media presence, which has made it difficult for fans to keep up with their lives following the show.

Both are inactive on Facebook, and neither has tweeted recently. Rico's Instagram page appears to be private as well. However, James did tweet in 2014 about an apparent husband, writing, "Can't wait til my hardworking husband get home.... #damnilovehim." James then confirmed in a comment underneath the post that he had been married for two years. Interestingly, though, James also seems to have adopted the name "Ja'mari Vande Kamp" on Twitter — not to be confused with James Van De Kamp, of course. Whether or not the guy ever succeeded in becoming a model, he sure still wants to sound like one.