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Shazam 2's Mid-Credits Scene Could Bring Billy Batson Into James Gunn's DCU

A post-credit scene in a DCEU movie feels pretty redundant now, right? From now on, any movie morsel appearing at the end of a film linked to the world that once homed Henry Cavill's Superman or Ben Affleck's Batman warrants a response like "Sure, whatever." That's the feeling audience members might get after sitting through "Shazam!: Fury of the Gods," which sees Zachary Levi reprise his role for a second and potentially last time, only to end with him getting an offer to join the legendary Justice Society.

"Potentially" is the keyword here because regardless of its so-so response from critics, Billy Batson (Asher Angel) and his alter-ego may have been thrown a lifeline thanks to its mid-credits scene and the guest appearances in it. We're referring to Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee), last seen working together alongside John Cena's "Peacemaker." Having them appear here could give Shazam a way into the new DC Universe that not many other characters in this franchise are getting. In fact, this could give Shazam the chance to unite with a super team that was met with a surprisingly welcome response, even despite the poorly received film they debuted in. No offense, "Black Adam."

If Harcourt and Economos can cross over, why can't Shazam?

For those that didn't stay until the end, "Shazam!: Fury of the Gods" sees our hero greeted by Harcourt and Economos, who have a type of offer that's standard superhero fare by now. Harcourt doesn't even get her full invitation out to the new hero, who only has to hear "Justice" to confirm he's in. It feels almost like a humorous homage to Barry Allen's (Ezra Miller) acceptance of the offer from Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) in "Justice League." The difference here is that Billy has signed himself up to join the Justice Society, another group of characters that, as far as the future DC slate is concerned, won't reappear. Or will they?

While it's clear "Black Adam" won't be making another appearance any time soon, the Justice Society back in action wouldn't be terrible. That band of heroes debuting in "Black Adam" was undoubtedly the film's highlight, so even a tease of seeing them again with Shazam included isn't something to turn down. If it were any other character suggesting Billy sign up, it'd be understandable to file it with the rest of the dead-end teases to stories we'll never get. 

Who knows, though? Perhaps Harcourt and her team are the litmus test leaving a potential door open for heroes that were better than most in a franchise that never got off the ground. If that's the case, Shazam is certainly a hero worth bringing back for the Justice Society.