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The Mel Gibson And Vince Vaughn Crime Drama Hidden Gem Killing It On Netflix

There's no shortage of movies about corrupt police officers, ranging from the charismatic Alonzo Harris in "Training Day" to award-winning films like "L.A. Confidential" and "The Departed" that have an underlying theme of how easy it is for officers to become jaded, cynical, or dirty. Audiences like to root for the anti-hero, trying to find redemption even when the characters don't deserve it.

It's no surprise that "Luther: The Fallen Sun," a film about the enigmatic, complicated, and relentless John Luther, is sitting at number one on Netflix's Top 10 Movie List. Fans have been waiting for Idris Elba to return as the disgraced, rule-breaking detective since Season 5 ended with his arrest. But seeing 2018's crime drama "Dragged Across Concrete," starring Vince Vaughn, Mel Gibson, and Tory Kittle at number four on the list, is a surprise. The S. Craig Zahler film came and went without much fanfare, making just over $660,000 worldwide.

Despite a run time of more than 150 minutes, it never drags. "I'm trying to make these experiences that you sit in, and if you're just giving someone the highlight and all the plot points, and all the action beats, then it's like every other movie," Zahler told Fred Film Radio about his decision to leave small details. This hidden gem has just the right amount of slow-burn tension, violence, and surprises to make it worth checking out.

The ultra-violent film has many suprises

After someone takes a video of officers Brett Ridgeman (Mel Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vince Vaughn) using excessive violence on a suspect and sends it to a new station, the pair is put on unpaid leave. Ridgeman is a cynical, embittered veteran of the force who feels that he's been shafted out of the raises and promotions owed to him because he wasn't interested in the games and politics. Lurasetti, though smarter and more level-headed than his partner, follows his lead in following some bank robbers, with the intention of robbing them and taking the money for themselves.

We may not like Ridgeman, but we can't help but feel for him. We know his motive is a better life for his family after his daughter was recently assaulted for the fifth time in two years in their unsafe neighborhood, and his wife is suffering from MS. Lurasetti, on the other hand, is planning to propose to his girlfriend and is more of a reluctant participant, which makes things all the more tragic for his character.

An unexpected appearance by Jennifer Carpenter as Kelly Summer — a woman afraid to leave her newborn and return to her work at the bank that gets robbed — is also sure to leave many viewers stunned.