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Shazam 2's Post-Credits Villain Explained & How They Differ From The Comics

Contains spoilers for "Shazam! Fury of the Gods"

Continuing the superhero movie trend, "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" awards fans' patience with two post-credits scenes. While both feature the return of DC characters, the second updates fans on Shazam's previous villains: Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) and Mister Mind.

The post-credits scene takes audiences back to Sivana's cell in Rock Falls Penitentiary, shown in the mid-credits scene in "Shazam!" However, this time, the villain is sporting a large beard, indicating that it's been some time since audiences last saw him. Once again, Mister Mind arrives in Sivana's cell, promising he's still hard at work on his plan to rule the seven realms. Sivana, understandably frustrated, yells that it's been two years and Mister Mind has nothing to show, which prompts the alien worm to admit it takes a long time for him to get places. He promises to explain his sinister plans to Sivana, but he has one more thing to take care of, slowly leaving the prisoner in his cell again.

The scene is probably nothing more than a good laugh to close out the campy super-sequel, as the ongoing shakeups at DC probably mean audiences will never see Mister Mind's plans come to fruition. While the villain is one comic-book lovers never thought they'd see in live action, there's one big difference between them: Comic-book Mister Mind actually does something.

Mister Mind is one of Shazam's biggest archenemies

Although Mister Mind stands at a whopping two inches tall, the villain has given Shazam a run for his money throughout their comic-book history. The villain has one of the strongest minds in the DC Universe, with telepathic abilities that allow him to mind-control anyone, a genius-level IQ, and the ability to wipe out buildings with his telekinesis. Eventually, he becomes a threat to the multiverse after his metamorphosis transforms him into a universe-eating monster.

Mister Mind's battles with Shazam date back to before DC owned the hero, then going by Captain Marvel, when Mister Mind recruited teams of villains to take him on. His most notable team, the Monster Society of Evil, pitted Shazam's entire rogues gallery against the hero, with the likes of Dr. Sivana and Black Adam joining the group. However, no matter who Mister Mind assembled, the Marvel family, or Shazamily, always managed to defeat them.

All that said, DC fans patiently await James Gunn's inevitable future Twitter thread explaining if Mister Mind will transition to the DCU. The character seems right up Gunn's alley, being a weird caterpillar-like alien worm and whatnot, so it could go either way.