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Pedro Pascal's Cringey Merge Mansion Ad Has Fans Poking Fun In The Comments

Hard to escape, Pedro Pascal is everywhere these days. In addition to headlining HBO's acclaimed adaptation of "The Last of Us," Pascal continues to spearhead Disney+'s "The Mandalorian," making him one of the biggest multitaskers in Hollywood. Now, the beloved actor has found himself in the middle of another beloved property... "Merge Mansion."

A mobile match-three game, "Merge Mansion" mimics the aesthetics of cozy murder mysteries, with tiles resembling everyday household items that could function as murder devices. While there's no concrete or clear plot at the helm, "Merge Mansion" sort of tells the story of a grandmother committing a murder on behalf of her granddaughter. Things aren't particularly clear and spelt out because, well, it's a match-three game meant to be played while commuting to work. Enter Pascal: who has joined the game's advertising campaign as a sleuthing, dumbfounded detective. In a series of ads, Pascal's detective Tim Rockford investigates the mystery that plagues the mansion, describing it as "some twisted game." While Pascal 100% commits to the role, it's the fans who are having the most fun with the ads.

"I am so happy the "Merge Mansion" creative team exists because this is 100% pure silliness," wrote YouTube user Fevley. Another fan of the game was perplexed as to how "Merge Mansion" could land an A-lister as big as Pascal, saying, "ABSOLUTELY NOT how did they rope him into the merge mansion cinematic universe PLEASE."

Fans love Pedro Pascal's new job

The general vibe towards Pedro Pascal's latest gig is mostly positive, with fans happy to see the actor enjoying his stint as a detective. "Pedro out here doing side missions," wrote YouTube user Yanette Rosario in one of the advertisement's comment sections. Another viewer expressed excitement as to how "Merge Mansion" has found an interesting niche for itself with inventive ads, despite being such a simple game. "This is just top tier misleading clickbait and I love it!" they wrote. "Like, if you're going to have an ad that doesn't reflect the game, at least go all out and have fun with it like this."

That being said, "Merge Mansion" is still a simple mobile game, which begs the question... how did they get Pascal money? "Who is funding the ads for Merge Mansion and why is Pedro Pascal in one?" asked Twitter user @TheTayMack. Variety previously reported that Pascal made $600,000 USD per "The Last of Us" episode. That's nothing to scoff at, making the actor one of the most highly-paid television stars.

One user on YouTube opened up about how the creatives behind the ad campaign "know their audience will grow if they include Pedro," making his (likely pricey) inclusion all the more strategic. It's clear that fans are having fun with the ads, with most genuinely hoping that a gritty "Merge Mansion" project with Pascal at the helm manifests. "at this point they might as well make is a short film and tell us the tea for real," shared Twitter user @mlnstgs. "when is the merge mansion movie pls," asked another fan.