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Who Sings The Big Bang Theory Theme Song?

"The Big Bang Theory" is one of the most popular shows of the 21st century, comedic or otherwise. It was also responsible for keeping alive one particular TV tradition that seems to have gone somewhat out of fashion over the past two decades or so: the iconic, upbeat, ultra-catchy original theme song. In fact, the theme song to "The Big Bang Theory" became just as integral to the series' creative and aesthetic DNA as any of its characters, sets, trademark outfits, or CGI transitions featuring the Rutherford model.

For millions of fans, the show's title alone is enough to conjure up the memory of the opening chant of "Our whole universe was in a hot, dense, state / Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started, wait" featured in all 279 episodes — "The Big Bang Theory" steadfastly refused to cut the opening sequence down to an abridged, just-the-gist version like so many long-running shows with lengthy openings do.

The most you could say, as far as abridgment goes, is that the song in question has a nearly two-minute-long full version, which is the one that you can find on music apps. And the band responsible for said song is none other than Barenaked Ladies.

Canadian rockers Barenaked Ladies wrote and performed the Big Bang Theory opening theme song

The voice you hear at the beginning of the "Big Bang Theory" theme song, alternately titled "History of Everything," belongs to Ed Robertson, the lead singer of Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies. The band, which was formed in 1988 in Toronto, was originally a duo, consisting just of Robertson and fellow singer and guitarist Steven Page. The current lineup includes Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Robertson, and Tyler Stewart, with Page having left the band in 2009.

The invitation to come up with a theme song for "The Big Bang Theory" came from the show's creators themselves: Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. However, Robertson was so doubtful that Barenaked Ladies would get the gig that he ended up writing it in the shower 20 minutes before the conference call he was due to present it at. It was a stroke of genius that led to "History of Everything" becoming one of the band's most recognizable songs and a staple of their ample, hit-filled discography.