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News Of Star Trek: Discovery's End Has Fans Bummed (To Say The Least)

It's never easy to say goodbye, and science fiction fans aren't famous for their breezy, laissez-faire attitudes toward change. Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise, therefore, that the nerd community is in mourning, following the announcement that "Star Trek: Discovery" is no more.

The divisive and frequently troubled streaming series debuted in 2017 as a flagship addition to CBS All Access, the larval form of Paramount+. Since then, "Discovery" has racked up four seasons, five showrunners, and a rabidly passionate fanbase.

But like Q said, "all tardigrade-infused mushroom-powered time travel things must come to an end." And so it is that Paramount revealed, in early 2023, that Season 5 of "Discovery" would be its last. Longtime viewers took to Reddit — the Thunderdome of modern discourse — and let their feelings be known. "Noooooo!" wrote u/Xurikk. "I'm so bummed. I was hoping for a few more seasons with 'Discovery' [...] I know that the show has had its rough spots, but I love it and am sad to hear that next season will be the last." u/Xurikk wasn't alone in this. u/Xurikk isn't alone in most things.

Or maybe they are, we don't know u/Xurikk personally. That's not the point. The point is, a lot of people are super bummed that "Star Trek: Discovery" is ending.

Star Trek: Discovery is off to the undiscovered country

The litany of sadness over the death of "Star Trek: Discovery" continued on the show's subreddit community. "Shame," offered u/Houli_B_Back. "Out of all the live-action shows, ['Discovery'] felt like the one that was the most progressive and doing something new with the franchise." u/Notcreative-number added, "Dammit. At least we know going into Season 5 but it'll be bittersweet."

"Damn, I was hoping for the traditional seven seasons," wrote u/God_of_Hyrule, referring to something that's happened three times across 12 "Stark Trek" TV series. "Hopefully, there's more ['Star Trek'] in store for the future."

There is, but it's grim — for the time being, Trekkies will have to make do with the remainder of the final season of "Star Trek: Picard", the returning "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds," "Star Trek: Prodigy," and "Star Trek: Lower Decks," the basically unavoidable Sisko revival series that feels like it could be coming any day now, and maybe that Section 31 spin-off with Michelle Yeoh that they keep poking at.

Yes, with more than half a century of stories under its belt, the "Trek" universe will boldly go on. We may even see a "Discovery" revival at some point in the future — but it'll be a long road, getting from here to there.