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Ian McShane Is Perfectly Fine With Winston Taking A Back Seat In The John Wick World

The "John Wick" series boats many intriguing characters in its dark assassin world. But besides the titular hitman, there's probably no one as mysterious and vital to the series as Winston Scott, played by Ian McShane. As the series progresses, Winston's role in the life of John Wick significantly expands, and as we see through the events of the third film, his relationship with Wick also shifts. Based on some of the trailers, there's no doubt The Continental head seems to be playing an even bigger part in "John Wick 4."

However, according to McShane, just don't ever expect Winston to have the spotlight completely. During a Screen Rant interview featuring him and Lance Reddick, McShane shared that he's perfectly fine with his character taking a back set in the "John Wick" world. " ....The less you know, the better," McShane told Screen Rant. "Maybe too late now, I don't know. As you said, it's called 'John Wick.' It's not called 'Winston.' I just come in and say, 'Excuse me, see the name on the thing? It's called John Wick.' It's all about Keanu, and we're all in it together. And he's great."

That actor is correct, as the series does center on Keanu Reeves' Wick character. But McShane's response is also not too surprising, considering that he's chosen to keep it a secret when previously asked about his idea of Winston's backstory. Even if Winston is fated to remain an essential character with his actions more in the shadows, fans may get to learn more about him thanks to a few spin-off projects.

Winston is slated to appear in the Ballerina spin-off

We may never find Winston Scott in the driver's seat of a "John Wick" spin-off, and perhaps that's for the best. What we've already learned about the character so far has already established an undeniable coolness to him. And his enigmatic nature only magnifies that, as the character keeps fans on their toes. However, Winston will still be featured again in the Ana de Armas-led "Ballerina" spin-off film. And yes, Ian McShane is again suiting up as the Continental head. Maybe, we'll see him offer some sage advice to the spin-off's vengeful protagonist, much like he has for Wick before.

Speaking of the Continental, there is also an upcoming TV series based on the hotel. However, McShane isn't slated to appear in it. But with it serving as a prequel, we could likely learn a few more details about Winston and how he came up in the underworld. As for the possibility of a "John Wick 5," there's no official word on another sequel, but that didn't stop McShane's grandson from pitching another sequel to Keanu Reeves. While speaking on "Late Night with Seth Myers," McShane shared his response to his grandson's pitch for another "John Wick" sequel shortly after watching "John Wick 4" together. "I said, 'Well, give Keanu a chance to recover," McShane said to Myers. "I mean he's already–he's only killed 5,394 people in this movie."