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Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Encouraging Words Regarding A Possibile Wolf Pack Season 2

In hopes of drawing new subscribers in and enticing existing ones to stick around, the now-pricier Paramount+ added a new original title to its library in January 2023. "Wolf Pack," which is based on author Edo van Belkom's 2004 book of the same name, follows a group of teenagers in a less-than-ideal situation. Following a wildfire, a mysterious supernatural entity has awakened, and it's up to them to stay alive. To bring the series to life, creator Jeff Davis enlisted some strong talent — most notably Sarah Michelle Gellar, who understands the show's deeper meaning and has an inspiring update on Season 2.

"We plan to do one. We'd like to. We haven't gotten the official word," Gellar told The Hollywood Reporter of a hypothetical second batch of "Wolf Pack" episodes. She notes that a potentially impending strike could likely push such an endeavor further into the future, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Nevertheless, she's optimistic, adding, "Our numbers have been great, and people are still really finding the show and getting excited about it, so I'm hopeful for a season two."

With "Wolf Pack" Season 2 on the minds of those involved with the show, what would a second set of episodes look like? Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar knows what she'd like to delve into.

Gellar would like to explore Kristin Ramsey more in Season 2

Naturally, one would have to imagine that "Wolf Pack" Season 2 would expand on the groundwork laid by the story of Season 1. That could either mean following the established canon set by Edo van Belkom, or charting a new course in the spirit of making this adaptation stand on its own two feet. As for Sarah Michelle Gellar, she's just hopeful that her character, the arson investigator by day and werewolf by night Kristin Ramsey, gets to develop further beyond what Season 1 had to offer.

Gellar shared with The Hollywood Reporter, "I think we would delve a lot more into Kristin and how she got here and what took so long and where she's been." She also hopes to provide an answer as to who the voice on the other end of Ramsey's phone is. Seeing as she's a main character on "Wolf Pack," it stands to reason that Ramsey — among other main players like Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard) and Everett Lang (Armani Jackson) — would be fleshed out much more should Season 2 become a reality.

The "Wolf Pack" team is already beginning to work on Season 2, so for fans of the Paramount+ series, one can only hope the streamer has an interest in more installments.