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Family Guy Fans Want To Know How Peter And Quagmire Have Managed To Stay Friends

Between its conception as a pair of short films in the '90s and the time of this writing, "Family Guy" has exploded into an indomitable franchise, spanning books, spin-offs, and more than 400 episodes of television. And in all that time, fans have been vexed, maddened, and choleric about just one question: How does the dog talk?

Also, why are Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) and Glenn Quagmire (also Seth MacFarlane) still friends?

That's what fans have been asking one another over on Reddit, where logic and reason stand sturdy and immovable as a boulder in a raging river of primetime adult animation. At issue is that Quagmire has been actively perving on Peter's wife since the early days of the show. In Season 4, he follows Lois (Alex Borstein) into the restroom at a bowling alley, wedges himself eight feet in the air between the wall and the toilet stall, and stares down at her. In Season 10, he goes after Peter's daughter the second she turns 18. It all begs one important, reasonable question.

Why did Meg start sounding like Mila Kunis instead of the lady from "Mean Girls" after the first handful of episodes?

Also, the Peter and Quagmire thing from earlier?

Peter and Quagmire: best friends forever

"Family Guy" fans took to Reddit's r/familyguy forum to get to the bottom of things. Arguments in defense of Peter remaining close to Quagmire were largely uniform: Peter, devotees argued, is a moron. Some, like u/CoolsomeXD, pointed out that the patriarch of the Griffin household took Quagmire's astonishingly spry peeping "as a compliment," as evidenced by the way that Peter thanked Glenn for the kindness he showed when confronted with his friend's actions.

Others, like u/t-189, brought up the fact that Peter is sort of a pervert himself. u/Neat_Technician_7191 was quick to mention the hypocrisy of Quagmire ridiculing Brian (Seth MacFarlane) for lusting after Lois while constantly doing the same. As for Quagmire dating Peter's teenage daughter Meg, u/Mysteryals wrote, "I'm still surprised Peter wanted to be continue being friends with Quagmire after he went after his daughter." u/real_ad_4006 probably explained it away both best and most succinctly when they replied: "Do you really think Peter gives a s*** about what happens to Meg?"

Anyway, the whole thing serves as a decent reminder that it's hard to make friends as an adult.