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Yellowstone's Ian Bohen Doesn't Think Ryan Wants To Cause Trouble

Actor Ian Bohen was almost Jamie on "Yellowstone" before the role went to Wes Bentley prior to the start of production. Since Bohen maintained a working relationship with series creator Taylor Sheridan, he instead landed the role of ranch hand Ryan. While he may not be a main character, Bohen doesn't mind his lack of screentime on "Yellowstone," recognizing the need for "Yellowstone" to do its large cast justice, and each time he does appear onscreen as an opportunity to deepen his character.

As a resident of the Dutton Ranch's bunkhouse, Ryan is among some of the show's rowdier personalities. That said, Bohen revealed in a TV Insider interview that he doesn't personally see Ryan as a troublemaker. In response to a question about just what it would take for Ryan to end up in trouble, Bohen replied, "He would either want to stand out to Rip (Cole Hauser) or John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in some manner to show that he wants to sort of be upwardly mobile or some sort of person of dissatisfaction." He then described Ryan as not necessarily ready to lobby for higher status, and therefore unlikely to cause any trouble on the Dutton Ranch in this fashion.

"He's part of a wheel, he's a spoke in a wheel, so he's not sure what the hell he's doing half the time, I have to be honest," Bohen continued, characterizing Ryan as a somewhat absentminded but nevertheless harmless personality.

Ian Bohen likes playing villains, in contrast to Ryan's broad likability

Another one of the roles for which Ian Bohen is most well-known is that of the villainous Peter Hale on MTV drama "Teen Wolf." Given just how distinct his "Teen Wolf" character is from Ryan on "Yellowstone," an interviewer for SWAGGER Magazine asked Bohen to explore some of the differences between the two of them. First, Bohen revealed that villains make for his favorite type of character to portray, and that he enjoys attempting to present morally questionable individuals in a sympathetic manner.

"Ryan is a fun-loving character who plays both sides of the bunkhouse," he continued. "He's the utility player, everybody's friend and he can reach out and connect with the different factions. He doesn't manipulate people but knows how to talk differently to each group of characters."

The fact that Ryan is overtly friendly and averse to causing trouble, then, positions him in stark contrast to the sort of sympathetic villain that Bohen describes as his favorite kind of role. Nevertheless, Ryan is a "Yellowstone" staple, and now among the most-watched roles of Bohen's filmography.