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South Park's Trey Parker Let His Daughter Have Her Own Character

The "South Park" boys may have remained roughly the same age for years now, but that doesn't mean some new faces can't show up from time to time at South Park Elementary. The likes of Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny, Tolkien, Wendy, Bebe, and Craig may have been there from the beginning, but Scott Malkinson was introduced later, eventually making his way into the "South Park" video games. And one of the newest additions to the classroom is the spunky-looking Betsy. 

Wearing a leather jacket and a black bow in her hair, Betsy was first introduced in Season 24's "South ParQ Vaccination Special." Since then, she's been spotted occasionally throughout Season 26, including "Japanese Toilet" and "Deep Learning." In "Japanese Toilet," she even gets a speaking line where she calls Stan "Richie Rich" because everyone thinks his dad is rich for being able to afford a Japanese toilet. But it may come as a surprise to some to learn that the voice actress behind the character is none other than "South Park" creator Trey Parker's daughter, Betty.

It isn't the first South Park character Betty Parker has played

To see some of the behind-the-scenes action of "South Park," fans need to follow Trey Parker's ex-wife, Boogie Tillmon, on Instagram. She regularly posts updates on Parker and their daughter together, Betty. One such post features the clip of Betty voicing her character in "Japanese Toilet," and in the next slide, there's footage from the recording booth of Betty performing next to her father. 

It's not the first time Betty's had the chance to work on "South Park." Starting in Season 20, she began providing the voice for Kyle's brother, Ike Broflovski. She provided various other voices over the years, such as that of the PC Babies, and she was even credited for voicing Ike in the mobile game, "South Park: Phone Destroyer."

She's obviously gotten older, and while she likely can't do Ike's voice anymore, it's great to see her stay within the "South Park" family. Fans are delighted to see it, too, based on the reaction on Instagram and Reddit. One Instagram user wrote, "It's so cute how Betty kept looking over at Boogie for approval before swearing. She's so sweet and talented." Betsy certainly seems to be taking on a more prominent role around the school, so viewers should expect to see plenty more of her, seeing how there are no plans to end "South Park" any time soon.