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South Park's Japanese Toilet Episode Had Fans Sharing Their Own Bidet Stories

"South Park" has become known for its biting political satire, poking fun at everything and everyone in the process. However, every now and then, the show takes things down to a personal level to where you don't need to keep up with the news to understand what's going on. That was the case with the animated sitcom's most recent outing — Season 26's "Japanese Toilet."

Things start off in a familiar place for anyone who's ever had to do home repairs. The Marsh family's old toilet, affectionately named Ol' Blue, breaks down, and Sharon asks Randy to get her a new one. He then goes to Home Depot to see what's available, and while there, he's introduced to the majesty of Japanese toilets, with their heated seats and glorious bidets.

It's literal toilet humor, and it fits perfectly within the show's sensibilities. If online accounts are anything to go by, this is one of the most relatable episodes "South Park" has ever done, as plenty of people have commented how they, too, have fallen in love with toilets featuring all of the bells and whistles.

Everyone has positive Japanese toilet memories

The first few minutes of "Japanese Toilet" have been made available on YouTube, and underneath the clip in the comment section, many people relate to Randy's first experience using the device. One user, named CallMeZoran, wholly related to Randy using the toilet for the first time, writing, "Drawing from personal experience, I can confirm that this clip faithfully portrays a man's initial experience with a Japanese toilet." Governor McLovin has apparently been using a bidet for a long time and has this to say, "I bought a bidet seat at the beginning of covid, and it's pretty damn great. It has a heated seat, heated water, varying sprays, and a dryer. It's pretty damn great."

For some, the episode was simply a return to form for the show. It's the third episode of Season 26, and it appears the series isn't quite as committed to being serialized as it once was, with Zac D commenting, "I'm so happy South Park seems to be back doing random episodes about different situations instead of story driven seasons." Of course, some fans didn't think everything about "Japanese Toilet" was relatable, with one user writing, "The most unbelievable part of this was Randy being able to find an employee to help him in Home Depot."

Even on Season 26, it seems as though "South Park" is still going strong. You can watch new episodes on Comedy Central, which go up the next day on HBO Max, along with every other episode from the past 25 seasons.