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The Mandalorian Ch. 19's Taxi Driver Drops Some Deep Cut Star Wars References

One of the greatest things about "The Mandalorian" is that one can tell it has been crafted by those with deep and prolific knowledge of the "Star Wars" universe. The latest episode of "The Mandalorian" highlights this fact, mainly because it begins where the previous episode left off: the decimated home planet of the Mandalorians. Having completed his quest, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) is now free to consider himself a Mandalorian once again, but unfortunately, this happy moment is interrupted by a group of TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers. This forces Din, Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff), and Grogu to make a hasty retreat, which sees the group arrive at Coruscant.

At this point, the episode shifts to Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi), the former Imperial scientist that was obsessed with Grogu. Luckily, Dr. Pershing has defected to the New Republic, which affords him a much more comfortable life and respect. After delivering a speech to the New Republic Senate, Dr. Pershing decides to take a taxi, and the robotic driver gives some suggestions as to what Pershing should see — which includes the Mysess Blossom at the Skydome Botanical Gardens and the Mantabog of Malastre at the Holographic Museum of Extinct Animals. Both of these might seem like throwaway lines, but they are actually some truly obscure "Star Wars" references.

The Mysess Blossom is a quest item in a video game

Both the Mysess Blossom and the Mantabog of Malastre have long been in the "Star Wars" franchise, but they have never been mentioned in any of the movies or shows, which makes them a particularly deep slice of "Star Wars" lore only accessible to those that have delved deep into supplemental materials and games.

The first, the Mysess Blossom, is actually from the now-defunct massive multiplayer game "Star Wars Galaxies." Making its appearance in the second expansion of "Star Wars Galaxies," called "Rage of the Wookiees," the Mysess Blossom is actually indigenous to the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk and was a component in one of the major quest lines in the game. This multicolored plant was collected by whoever was playing the game and delivered to Chief Kerritamba, the local chief of the Wookiees who wished to heal a sacred tree.

Unfortunately, "Star Wars Galaxies" was shut down in December 2011, so unless somebody is willing to find a private server, the Mysess Blossom will only exist in lore (or as a display at the Skydome Botanical Gardens on Coruscant). Joking aside, the Mantabog of Malastre is also another esoteric reference and also drawn from a game.

The Mantabog of Malastre is a creature from a tabletop game

Unlike the Mysess Blossom, which is from a massive multiplayer game, the Holographic Museum of Extinct Animals' Mantabog of Malastre is actually a reference to a tabletop pen and pencil role-playing game. Originally entering the "Star Wars" universe from the supplement book "Coruscant and the Core Worlds," the Mantabog of Malastre was a dangerous creature that players could do battle with, or perhaps attempt to train if their skills and acumen were high enough. As an expansion book to the "Star Wars Roleplaying Game," the Mantabog of Malastre highlighted just how bizarre and fantastical animals can be.

Hailing from the planet Malastre, a Mid-Rim world along the Hydian Way, the Mantabog was a flat, almost ray-like creature that could fly and would envelop and choke out its prey. However, these creatures became extinct around nine years after "Star Wars: A New Hope," so it makes sense why Dr. Pershing would only be able to see a holographic projection of a Mantabog.

Both the Mantabog and Mysess Blossom are truly some deep references from "Star Wars," and it is always a delight when fans can hear these things not only mentioned in live-action "Star Wars" properties but have their existence acknowledged by Disney.