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Mandalorian S3: What Is The Hydian Way And Why It's Important To Star Wars Canon

The right location can mean a lot in the "Star Wars" galaxy. Planets near the Galactic Core (like Coruscant) are usually bustling population centers of technology with sprawling architecture typical of a fictional outer space city. However, some planets are far more remote, and because of their far-flung nature, they are typically left to their own devices, resulting in the rise of nearly feudal societies. Think of how Tatooine operates under the stern gaze of a crime lord like Jabba the Hutt or a warrior-mercenary like Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison).

Season 3 of "The Mandalorian" picks up with Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu meeting up with some fellow Mandalorians, setting Din on a new quest to the ruined Mandalorian home planet. The two then travel Nevarro, one of the first planets seen in the series, to retrieve information from the destroyed IG-11(Taiki Waititi). In the first season of "The Mandalorian," Nevarro is little more than an outpost for thieves, bounty hunters, and mercenaries, but it appears now to be much more. Nevarro flourishes under the direction of Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), but this is primarily due to Nevarro becoming a part of the Hydian Way— but what exactly is that?

The Hydian Way is an ancient trade route with a history of violence

Nevarro's rapid change to a respectable, clean, and welcoming planet isn't lost on Din, who points this out to his "young" companion, Grogu. This becomes even more apparent when Greef Karga, adorned in almost regal attire, meets the two and mentions that he is now a high magistrate. Although he seems to be the same person that Din knew before, his new demeanor and outfit (complete with droids holding his long, flowing cloak) denote a newfound authority. While things may be looking good for Greef, some may wonder how he and Nevarro underwent this transformation.

Nevarro is a recent addition to the Hydian Way, which Greef notes places it on an important trade route. Now acting as a hub along this busy galactic path, Nevarro is experiencing a massive construction boom. This has also led to a swell in population and increased responsibility for Greef. However, for die-hard fans of "Star Wars," the Hydian Way represents much more than just a simple trade route. The Hydian Way is an ancient and exceptionally important hyperspace trade route that runs from one end of the "Star Wars" galaxy to the other while also crossing deep into the Galactic Core. This means that the Hydian Way can almost be considered a galactic superhighway that allows a steady flow of resources and people to travel vast distances along a predetermined and well-known route. However, this kind of popularity also makes it a prime target.  

Palpatine, Tarkin, and the Mandalorian blockade

Trade is vital in the "Star Wars" galaxy. This issue is one of the reasons for war in the prequel movies. Intergalactic commerce can make or break a planet, and as illustrated by Nevarro's quick progress, the influence of being on an important route produces rather quick results.

Another reason the Hydian Way is important is that a young Wilhuff Tarkin met Senator Palpatine while the former was tasked with defending the route. This is important because Tarkin (Peter Cushing) later becomes a Grand Admiral of the Empire and one of the most important people in the galaxy during Palpatine's regime. The Hydian Way has also seen several battles throughout "Star Wars" history, with one of the most important being a Mandalorian blockade that occurred around 3660 years before "A New Hope." This blockade eventually led to the Sith Empire sacking the Republic capital of Coruscant and a cold war between the two factions, as seen in a trailer for the video game "The Old Republic." The Mandalorians' involvement in this conflict eventually causes the fracturing of their clans, which is why Din is considered part of a cult by Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff).

Although the Hydian Way has certainly been a tremendous boon for Nevarro, its history of conflict underscores just how important and valuable this trade route truly is for trade and galactic history.