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Chicago Med Fans Have Proposed A Hilariously Accurate Tweak To The Show's Name

More like "Chicago Meddle," amirite?! Fans on Reddit had some fun at the expense of long-running series "Chicago Med" from NBC's "One Chicago" franchise. It began when a user shared a mock-up poster for the medical drama with the silly title, along with the hilarious tagline "Your business, is our business." The joke is no doubt about how the doctors on the show have a habit of inserting themselves into the personal lives of their patients based on their own opinions and biases at any given time.

Doctors Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) and Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) are repeat offenders. Redditor u/HolodeckQueen called the two doctors out specifically when commenting on the poster. They said, "Early on Halstead was the absolute WORST about this lol. I used to yell at him and Ethan about leaving their personal beliefs at the door constantly." Additionally, u/LadyAvah said that two more doctors on the team are guilty of what the poster's tagline suggests, name-dropping Dean Archer (Steven Weber) and Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). They wrote, "That's literally Archer and Natalie all up in everyone's business making a fuss."

While Reddit users seem to agree that the satirical poster is accurate, they admit that they're still addicted to the show.

The jokes are all in good fun

One of the doctors that Redditors believe is extraordinarily guilty of meddling in the lives of patients is Brian Tee's Dr. Ethan Choi. They say that, under the guise of having a moral compass, Choi often puts his personal beliefs first instead of understanding the nuance needed to handle individual patient-to-patient care. Fans need not look any further than Season 6 of "Chicago Med" for an example of this. In Episode 5, Choi calls the police on an elderly man who helps assist in the suicide of his wife, who was dying of ALS. And in Episode 4, Choi has a man committed against his will — and against the wishes of his psychiatrist.

Redditors taking notes of these and the countless other meddling actions of the doctors in the series had some other insights about the user-made poster. "Guess 'Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawsuit' was too long to fit on the poster?" u/kindafunnylookin said. Users mentioned the mock poster doing a good job at conveying the joke as well. "It's like they're all saying 'I can see right through you. I know your secret and am on my way to tell the exact person who can blow your life up the most all about it,'" wrote u/Not_floridaman. Meanwhile, u/universe93 took a jab at the show using the popular "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" theme tune, saying, "Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of HIPAA violations."

This fan-made poster led to a lot of funny comments. However, it's important to note that all the jokes seemed to be in good fun. Fans know what they're getting when they tune into the series, and they still love it all the same.

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