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Some Yellowstone Fans Can't Help But Laugh At Its Soap Opera-Like Drama

For the most part, "Yellowstone" is a no-nonsense program. It tackles serious political and social topics, doesn't shy away from illuminating the ugly aspects of United States history, and largely keeps its characters grounded and serious. Simply put, Taylor Sheridan didn't set out to make a comedy when he put the program together. At the same time, some viewers can't help but chuckle at the series now and again. Occasionally, it resembles a soap opera to the degree that even the most heavily invested viewer can't help but let out a laugh.

In a Reddit thread by user u/KaiserSpawn — titled "This show is hilarious" — "Yellowstone" watchers came together to discuss just how over-the-top and silly the series can be. "Someone on another thread described it as cowboy fan fiction and I think that's it exactly," commented u/LadyMRedd, and many agreed with that hilarious appraisal. u/RockinRhombus picked the show apart for multiple reasons, ranging from the fairly basic writing to the absurd situations the characters find themselves in. As for u/isayporschewrong, they offered some advice for their fellow viewers: "Just enjoy it for what it is: entertainment."

While some fans may have a ball picking "Yellowstone" apart, unsurprisingly, Taylor Sheridan doesn't share in their assessments of his show.

Taylor Sheridan looks at Yellowstone much differently

As "Yellowstone" has continued on, fans have found more and more to poke fun at it for, and they're well within their rights to do so. Not only is it worth joking about from time to time, but it's a piece of media at the end of the day. That means, like any television show or movie, it's fair game to critique and pick on it. In that same vein, creator Taylor Sheridan is free to offer his thoughts on the show, too, and it should go without saying that his feelings on it are far different than a good portion of its viewers.

In an interview with Variety, he explained that he doesn't merely want to entertain people with "Yellowstone." He also wants to educate people on a way of life they may be unaware of. "Whenever we're ignorant of something, then typically we fear it, or we judge it, or we dislike it. And it's the job of all artists, I think, to try and find these little pockets of the world and show some humanity," he said, adding that programs like "Yellowstone" and its multitude of spin-offs are the kinds of projects he feels he belongs working on.

No matter where you stand on "Yellowstone" and its goofier tendencies, there's no doubt that Taylor Sheridan has built a TV dynasty off of its back. For that much, he and his show deserve some amount of credit.