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Seinfeld Fans Have A Hilarious Episode Idea That Makes Kramer An Uber Driver

"Seinfeld" aired the divisive series finale in 1998, ending the sitcom's successful, near decade-long run on NBC. But multiple generations of fans still like to imagine the petty misadventures of Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), George (Jason Alexander), and Kramer (Michael Richards) — except transplanted to the 21st century. There was the popular Twitter account @seinfeldtoday in the 2010s, and more recently an AI-generated version of the sitcom had seized people's attention.

One active subreddit where users regularly contribute to modern "Seinfeld" plotlines is r/RedditWritesSeinfeld. These include episode ideas such as the one where George lies about needing a service dog, as well as "The Deliveries" where multiple characters interact with DoorDash. Posters and commenters also typically add their own dialogue suggestions and ideas for how the fictional storyline would continue and resolve.

One especially funny post, and subsequent comments, suggest what could happen if Kramer borrowed Jerry's car so he can drive for Uber.

Redditors joked about Kramer driving Jerry around on Uber

A 2019 post from u/EvoTRiX, evidently based on a 4chan comment, depicts Jerry ordering rideshare services after Kramer borrows his car. However, "Kramer is his Uber driver" who "still charges him for the ride." This is not just a loopy, funny modern "Seinfeld" premise, but it seems like something Kramer would absolutely do to Jerry.

u/halloni imagines Kramer telling Jerry, "Alrighty, it's gonna be 20 upfront" much to his friend's horror and irritation. Naturally, u/thebbman believes Jerry's mooching neighbor would also come by the next day and say, "No tip?!"

But u/greggerypeccary may have the best spin on the plot, as their comment brings in Jerry's nemesis, Newman (Wayne Knight). Uber cars have to have special license plates in New York City. Kramer puts them on Jerry's car and loses Jerry's actual license plate. The comment explains how then "Newman finds the plates and puts them on his car, skipping tolls all over town." It's petty, ridiculous behavior, and therefore truly worthy of the show.

Another post featured George and Kramer using dashcams

One of the most popular posts on r/RedditWritesSeinfeld, from u/Toodlum, similarly centers around the sitcom characters' behavior while driving in New York City.

The plot features George buying and installing a dashcam in his car. "He gets into a car accident that's very clearly not his fault but won't turn the footage over because he was singing Cher at the time of the accident." Kramer meanwhile also has a camera, but he uses it to record his own reactions to chaotic urban traffic.

u/ByTorr imagines George telling Jerry, "Sure I win the case, but I lose...my dignity." Writing in character as Jerry, u/TenaciousLilMonkey has a perfect reply: "What dignity? Look at you."

The r/RedditWritesSeinfeld subreddit is full of on-the-road plot threads, including Elaine dating a police officer who runs traffic and Kramer performing carpool karaoke. Yet the best ending to George and Kramer's plots came from u/LJ_Pynn: "At the end, both end up losing their cameras. Then get into an accident with each other but have no proof of who's at fault." What better way to end another dysfunctional "Seinfeld" episode?