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Gilmore Girls' Fans Think This Is The Worst Part Of Lane's Story

"Gilmore Girls" wouldn't be the same without Lane Kim, played by Keiko Agena, the best friend to Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). Lane is a music-obsessed teen with dreams of making it big as a drummer, who has a complicated relationship with her strict religious mother. Lane and Rory manage to stay best friends despite the fact that Rory transfers to a different high school and then moves away for college to attend Yale.

But Lane is more than just the best friend character — she has her own complex storylines, such as her evolving, up-and-down relationship with Mrs. Kim (Emily Kuroda), as well as plenty of her own romantic storylines. By the end of the series, she is married to her bandmate Zack (Todd Lowe) and the two are parents to twins.

However, even though Lane is a beloved character doesn't mean that fans love all of her storylines. In fact, a significant amount of "Gilmore Girls" agree that they are not on board with one part of Lane's story: the fact that Lane becomes a mother at such a young age, especially since it got in the way of her music goals. Overall, the consensus is that the fans would have liked to see her get further in her music career instead of getting tied down by family life so early on.

Fans wanted more for Lane

When one "Gilmore Girls" fan took to Reddit to ask viewers the one thing that they would change about the show, an overwhelming amount of responses had to do with Lane's trajectory.

One fan, u/thelifeof-momo, wrote, "Motherhood and having a family is a valid choice, but she deserved more ... ultimately I would have her going to college or at least taking classes on how to compose. Owning a small indie label of some kind, not running her mom's antique shop." Other fans were in total agreement that Lane's career should have been related to music, even if she didn't make it in a successful band. However, u/LetshearitforNY wanted to see more of Lane's band, Hep Alien, stating that they wish the band had at least had some local success before Lane then goes on to start an indie label or something of the sort.

Further, fans were not on board with Lane getting pregnant on her honeymoon — especially because the storyline involved Lane waiting for marriage to have sex only to not enjoy it and then, on top of all of that, ultimately become pregnant. One fan, u/Puzzleheaded-Comb976, wrote, "That honeymoon sex storyline made no sense ... If Lane was going to be pregnant with twins that should've been her ["Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"] story life where Hep Alien made it at least semi big and Lane was still playing until she couldn't reach the drums anymore." Meanwhile, u/MiaRia963 lamented that they wished it wasn't her first time having sex, at the very least.

Fans also aren't happy with who Lane ended up with

Fans have made it very clear that they wished Lane had had more of a career before having babies, but they also have another problem with her life: who she ended up with. It's quite well known amongst the "Gilmore Girls" community that fans think Dave (Adam Brody) was a better fit for her than Zack (which was derailed by Brody leaving the show to star in "The OC") and fans in this Reddit thread did not hesitate to bring that up.

Responding to what they would change about the show, u/Minimum_Explorer2798, wrote, "I wouldn't have her with zach...never felt he was good enough for her." In agreement, u/MadLib1998 wrote that they wished Lane had never dated Zack and moved to New York City instead (likely to pursue her music career). Further, u/frostandtheboughs wrote, "I hated that she ended up with Zach. Lane is super smart, nerdy, and resourceful. It makes absolutely zero sense for her to end up with an oaf like Zach."

Finally, u/C4rlonator1903 imagined a whole different endgame for Lane where she never dates Zack, and ends up in California for culinary school after realizing she likes cooking from living with Sookie for a bit then reconnecting with Dave. Their proposed story continues, "[Lane and Dave] contact Brian and Gil and they got the band together with no Zack, and they actually become famous and Lane and Dave get back together and the marry in a very funny episode in Vegas where Rory is on a wild hunt looking for Lane's lost bride dress."