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The Oscars' EEAAO Best Picture Speech Moment That Confused The Internet

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" won big at The Oscars. As producer Jonathan Wang wrapped up his Oscar speech, accepting the top award of the night for Best Picture, he noted that he was dedicating his award to his late father, who came to the United States as an immigrant. Tearing up, Wang also said that he made the movie thanks to the lessons his father taught him, claiming that "no person is as important as profit."

The reality is that Wang very likely misspoke and inverted the two, meaning "no profit is as important as a person." It's understandable that anyone on that stage would be overwhelmed or intimated, especially giving such a quick speech in front of many high-profile peers. 

Fans on Twitter, though, were understandably a little baffled by his original claim. There are probably a fair amount of producers who do feel that way, but Wang certainly seemed earnest. While the situation seems like a silly mistake, it made some waves.

Fans were confused by Jonathan Wang's probable mistake

While it is understandable that this was a simple mistake, it is also understandable that audiences on social media were quick to react to the baffling claim made in the moment. 

"Last night, the producer for 'EEAAO' said during his Best Picture speech that 'no person is more important than profits,'" @adonaicaimoloch wrote. "I *really* hope that he misspoke." 

They were not the only person surprised by this, as @jayCryp_TO posted a gif of John C. Reilly's perpetually confused Dr. Steve Brule from "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" accompanied by the question "What did he just say?" @AustinCS7 echoed the previous sentiments as well. 

"Did the 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' person accidentally mess up his speech?" @AustinCS7 posted. "I think he said 'No one person is more important than profits!' Did I hear that right?" 

A few people noticed this on a Reddit thread as well, where u/Ph4ntom900 defended the producer when someone pointed out the mistake. 

"Honest mix up," u/Ph4ntom900 posted. "He was clearly overwhelmed with emotion." While u/Ph4ntom900 defended Jonathan Wang, Elon_Kums chimed in with a rebuttal as he pointed out "on the other hand, producer." 

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" is currently available to stream on Showtime and Paramount+.