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AHS Fans Pick 'Dollhouse' As One Of The Few Good American Horror Stories Episodes

Ryan Murphy's original anthology "American Horror Story" has been scaring audiences for over 11 seasons. The success of this series led to the spin-off "American Horror Stories," which continues the anthological format. Unfortunately, fans have been less enthusiastic about the new series, which disappointed viewers in Season 1 through an abundance of grave errors. However, they have named Episode 1, "Dollhouse," as a creepy standout from Season 2, offering some hope for the future of "American Horror Stories."

"Dollhouse" succeeds as both an eerie installment of its own and a surprising origin story for a notable character. We're introduced to a young boy named Otis (Houston Towe), who later goes by Spaulding. That familiar name brings us back to Season 3, "Coven," especially when we arrive at the Madame Robichaux Academy at the end of the episode. Here, Spaulding (Denis O'Hare) finds a new home as a butler to the young witches. 

This references one of fans' favorite seasons, though the episode was compelling even before the witchcraft was revealed. On Reddit, fans have varying opinions on the spin-off, like u/xBlackx_xDahliax, who rates their favorite episodes and singles "Dollhouse" out as one of the greats. This brought out many other passionate fans who agree and consider the episode one of the best. 

Viewers wish the rest of the series was more like Dollhouse

The overwhelming popularity of "Dollhouse" reinforces the common theme that fans didn't really care for the first season and were ready for a breath of fresh air. This is seen in u/icehand1212's comment, which pointed out that they weren't even aware of Season 1's existence. They did catch Season 2, though, and celebrated the opening episode like many others, "I didn't learn about American Horror Stories until season 2. I was very confused. I wish they would make an entire season of the Doll House episode. That was really good!!!!!!!!" The doll component was a strong storyline from Season 2 that could've warranted a full season for itself. The user's abundance of exclamation marks highlights their enthusiasm for the strong episode that clearly registered with fans. 

This is echoed by u/Nuka_Zoid, who wrote, "I would at least watch "Dollhouse," which I believe is the first episode of season 2. It's great IMO [in my opinion]." Another user, u/Morgan-F15, emphasized the high quality of the story and mentioned the other episode they really enjoyed, "Dollhouse (S2E1) is really good. I liked Bloody Mary (S2E5) too. They have more of a classic AHS vibe." Each episode highlights the best of "American Horror Story" and the spin-off with uncanny depictions and wild predicaments loaded with social commentary. "Bloody Mary" also expands on the timeless urban legend, signaling that fans may be looking for something slightly familiar yet different in the way only "American Horror Story" (and "Stories") can pull off.