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Hilarious Fan Art Paints An Image Of Jared Leto As Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega is the most recent performer to step into the role of Wednesday Addams on the Netflix original series "Wednesday," and she's done so to almost universal acclaim. Fans love Ortega's take on the character, which is true to previous incarnations (primarily the one played by Christina Ricci in two "Addams Family" feature films in the 1990s) while bringing a unique energy of its own.

But no matter how great an actor is at portraying a particular character, speculation about what other actors might have done with the same part is irresistible. For instance, would "Wednesday" have become the viral smash it is today if the title role was played not by Jenna Ortega but instead by the chameleonic Jared Leto?

The world will never know the answer, but some spectacular fan art from Y. Raikchakha Reang on Instagram at least gives us a sense of what such a casting choice might look like, albeit in a scenario in which Leto is unable to shed the trappings of his signature role.

Leto's version of Wednesday would be called 'Morbsday,' of course

No actor who plays Michael Morbius, The Living Vampire can ever be completely free of the character's influence. And as Y. Raikchakha Reang's fan art clearly depicts, Morbius would be difficult, if not impossible, to extricate from Jared Leto's hypothetical performance as Wednesday.

"I'll Morb Morb Morb in my Pants Pants Pants," reads the artist's caption of the image, a reference to the ubiquitous Lady Gaga tune that accompanied a million Tik Tok renditions of Jenna Ortega's iconic "Wednesday" dance.

This is clearly very serious stuff — the image will have fans debating the relative merits of the prospect of a Jared Leto performance that combines the characters of Michael Morbius and Wednesday Addams.

Also worthy of note: the version of Thing seen in "Morbsday" is clearly not a typical disembodied hand, but instead the web shooter-less paw of a certain arachnoid superhero who notably does not appear in "Morbius." Would a Spider-Man cameo in "Morbsday" count as some sort of Spider-Verse incursion? It's a good thing this is only fan art.