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Chicago Med Fans Don't Mince Words When Laying Down Their Dislike For April

Poor, conflicted Chi-Hards, struggling to come to grips with their indecision and express how they feel about April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) on "Chicago Med." LOL, just kidding. Fans of this hit One Chicago drama have absolutely zero difficulties saying exactly what they think about Nurse Sexton. And frankly, the long-time series regular comes in for some serious opprobrium. The truth is, it's hard to know where to start when attempting to catalog the level of no-April-for-me among fans of the popular show.

For starters, take this discussion title crafted by series' fan u/fxryanoissexy on the "Chicago Med" subreddit: "I have a burning hate for April Sexton." Not a lot of room for equivocation there. The OP cleared up any lingering doubts by slamming April's treatment of eventual hubby Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) as well as former boyfriend Tate Jenkins (Deron J. Powell): "She's a bad girlfriend, and person to Dr. Choi, and Tate. She annoys me so much." For "Chicago Med" viewer u/beansoupscratch, the April aversion extends all the way to how the character sounds. "Her voice drives me crazy," they complained. "That whisper cheesecake stuck in the back of the throat voice." Ouch. And as it turns out, this is just the tip of the April Sexton diss-apalooza.

Anti-April fan reactions range from vaguely irritated to specifically incensed

Another thread on the "Chicago Med" subreddit titled simply, "April Sexton" features a variety of takes on the character and actually begins with u/BlinkyPop254 saying they missed former cast members, including April's actress, Yaya DaCosta. "She used to have so much dedication to her acting," they wrote. But this innocent comment only opened the floodgates for, shall we say, differing opinions.

"Yeah, dedicated for real," Redditor u/Pentagon0M wrote, then quickly added, "But April was such an annoying character." Series' viewer u/Banana boop joined in to say April's "Chicago Med" behavior was so off-putting it tainted their response to DaCosta's subsequent star turn as the lead in the biopic "Whitney," saying, "I always see the ad for her new movie on hulu and i can't even look at it. That's how much she annoys me." Meanwhile, u/BowieJamesss felt April's likability declined over time, writing, "April was so great in season 1; every season after that she became more and more irritating. They wrote her to be combative, sanctimonious and hypocritical. If I have to hear her go 'EtHaNNnnNnn' one more time when he makes a call she doesn't like I think I might actually pass away."

And if that's not enough evidence of "Chicago Med" fans' basic abhorrence of all things April, the title alone of a Reddit discussion posted by u/Educational_Life should seal the deal: "Who does April think she is?"