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South Park Made A Small Nod To Kate Middleton In 'Worldwide Privacy Tour'

Even in its 26th season, "South Park" proves it still has plenty of venom left in its bite. In the show's most recent batch of episodes, one of the most widely talked about is "Worldwide Privacy Tour." The episode took the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, namely Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, to task over their perceived hypocrisy in wanting to be left alone yet going on an all-out media blitz to talk about how they want to be left alone. 

Viewers loved how "South Park" still knows how to take down celebrities, and it seems as though Trey Parker and Matt Stone really did their homework on this one. There are numerous references to the British monarchy, although, for the sake of the show, everyone has been transposed to be part of the Canadian monarchy, as is tradition. The episode opened with the death of the Canadian queen, mirroring the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. And some eagle-eyed fans managed to spot a reference to another monarchy bride — Kate Middleton.

There's a brief moment where one can see the Meghan Markle stand-in on various magazine covers, including one for Vogue where she's wearing a green hat. However, this more closely resembles a photoshoot done by Middleton. Some people took this to be another sly diss to the actress-turned-princess.

Who copied who?

For those of you who don't keep up with every scandal that takes place within the Royal Family, there's been some controversy as of late concerning the wardrobe stylings of two of the princesses. Obviously, this is very important stuff as it's been the subject of numerous articles and much conversation on social media. Clearly, there's nothing more essential going on in the world than wondering whether a woman has copied another woman's fashion choices, but alas, that's where we are. 

As noted by Newsweek and several Twitter users, Kate Middleton could be found copying some of the outfit choices of Meghan Markle in recent months. However, with all things fair, the outlet also points out how Markle could be seen copying some of Middleton's clothing. Twitter user @ButIDigress79 offered the following theory concerning the outfits: "Not saying Kate never copies but some of it is Meghan is fashion forward and wears looks earlier in their cycle. Kate waits until a look has been around long enough to not be a trend."

It would seem when it comes to "South Park," the people behind the scenes wanted to make the Markle stand-in the copier in this instance. It's certainly a subtle dig in an episode that apparently upset the royal couple; however, it would appear as though the duo isn't planning on suing the comedy series as was initially reported.