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Why Mario Fans Are So Excited About The Luma Appearance In The Final Trailer

The world of the "Super Mario" franchise is full of fantastical creatures and locations. From the first jaunt through the Mushroom Kingdom in the original "Super Mario Bros." video game on Nintendo, Mario and his friends have traveled through dreams, worlds filled with dinosaurs, enchanted castles, beautiful port cities, and even galaxies with variable physics. In other words, the upcoming "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" has plenty to draw from when it comes to characters and environments.

The final trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" opens up with Luigi (Charlie Day) captured by Bowser (Jack Black). Put into a prison and suspended above a fire pit, Luigi notices other inmates, and one of the first characters to speak to him is a Luma. Sounding like a child, the Luma tells Luigi to essentially give up all hope, and it becomes immediately apparent that this Luma may be suffering from acute insanity due to its imprisonment. Although the trailers for the previously mentioned movie are chock full of references and easter eggs, it seems as if fans are loving the appearance of a Luma because it may indicate another character's presence — that of Rosalina from "Super Mario Galaxy."

Fans hope that Rosalina pops up in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The reason why fans are excited over a Luma taking the spotlight at the start of the final trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is because most Luma consider Rosalina their ersatz mother, and many reside with the star princess on the Comet Observatory in "Super Mario Galaxy." This means that since a Luma is in the trailer, that indicates that Rosalina also exists in this movie world, and some fans hope that the character will be making a surprise appearance at some point in the film. Taking to Twitter, @ActualAero slammed on their capslock key in excitement and wrote, "LUMA IN THE MARIO MOVIE TRAILER BETTER MEAN ROSALINA SHOWS UP PLEASE HAVE SPACE GODDESS."

Others also manage to find their caps lock key through their enthusiasm, like @splatoonfan138, who said that they couldn't believe that a Luma appeared in a trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" and that is absolutely tremendous news, and @pepsiinnoodles, who posted a crude image of somebody barely containing their emotions and tweeted that today is winning. @RealGermanPeter probably said it best by writing, "There's no way the Mario movie DOESN'T feature Rosalina in some shape or form. First Peach says 'There's galaxies out there' in the first trailer, now we get a LUMA? Come on. Best girl is in there." Either way, it sounds like some "Super Mario" fans would love to see Rosalina pop up sooner or later, whether it be as a cameo, end-credit stinger, or hopefully as a full-blooded character that gets their fair share of screen time.