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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Loving The 'Dance It Out' Parallel In S19 Episode 9

Working in a hospital is a stressful job that can sometimes entail long hours, intense situations, and personal drama. Nobody ever said saving lives would be easy, but how does one go about coping with the rigors of this profession? Well, if Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) from "Grey's Anatomy" is to be believed, the simplest solution to trials and tribulations is to simply get up, put some music on, and "dance it out" as she often puts it. Meredith uses this technique in many moments in "Grey's Anatomy," and its effectiveness cannot be ruled out or overlooked.

Although Meredith has essentially left "Grey's Anatomy," her legacy cannot be underestimated as the show still bears her name. The new crop of students, doctors, and interns in "Grey's Anatomy" are still learning the ins and outs of the hospital which, again, isn't exactly the most stress-free environment, and audiences have already been treated to several intense surgical procedures, hard decisions, and romantic entanglements. 

Luckily, Mika (Midori Francis), Taryn (Jaicy Elliot), and Lucas (Niko Terho) started their own party during another party in the most recent episode called "Love Don't Cost a Thing," and fans are definitely seeing some shades of Meredith in the soiree.

Fans are loving seeing the healing power of dance once again

The aforementioned scene begins with Lucas looking rather downtrodden after having his love rejected, and he sits by himself while slugging down a beer. However, when both Mika and Taryn enter the room Mika senses something is wrong with Lucas and quickly leaps into action by turning on some music and demanding that Lucas join her and Taryn. Although he initially puts up some resistance, the power of the music soon has them all jumping, moving, and smiling — and considering that this party is taking place in Meredith's old house, fans immediately saw a direct correlation. 

Over on Twitter, @photoswiftie97 wrote, "Dance it out!! I love seeing them bringing back dance it out in Merediths house!" @bry_tvfanatic said, "Mika's a real one! Glad she forced Lucas to dance with her and Helm," while @hotspot1235 tweeted, "Intern drama and drunken dance parties. I MISSED this." Others also loved this moment, like @lcvesloans, who thought this scene mirrored Meredith's early dance parties, and @idfkmack, who believes that this is the next version of said dance parties. 

In addition, @the_el_zy stated that they think the "dance it out" scenes are timeless, and @kimmiek2006 wrote, "Dance it out like the OGs used too!! Love it!!" All of these statements and opinions show that even though Meredith is no longer present in "Grey's Anatomy," that doesn't mean audiences won't enjoy a good old-fashioned dance party from time to time.