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SOA's Mark Boone Junior Says The Show's Fans Are 'Maniacs'

For many viewers, "Sons of Anarchy" was a thrilling ride from start to finish that saw people's favorite titular biker crew encounter some wild personas along the way. But for Mark Boone Junior, who played Bobby Munson in over 90 entries of the FX crime drama, the experience was very similar regarding his interactions with the fans.

While he has an assortment of credits, Mark Boone Junior is most likely best known for his tenure on "Sons of Anarchy." After having worked on the series for so long, the actor has come to a surprising conclusion regarding the passionate followers of "Sons of Anarchy." "The fans of this show are maniacs. They are unbelievable," the actor said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "Every fan I run into, and there are many everywhere I go, they express tremendous sadness and disappointment that this show is not continuing."

It seems pretty safe to presume that from his take on the fan base, his performance on the series and the show as a whole had a lasting impact on viewers, considering the fact that they are apparently so bummed it's all over. But achieving that amount of acclaim was not an easy endeavor, and some may not realize that Boone's efforts on the show took a costly toll on the actor.

It wasn't easy turning Bobby Munson into a fan favorite

While many aspects made "Sons of Anarchy" a hit series with fans, it's hard not to acknowledge that part of the appeal involved the high-stakes outlaw action and the relentless display of the dark side of crime. And when it came to the cast, playing a member of a violent criminal organization ultimately had its good days and bad, as well as some that were harder to swallow than others. Regarding the gratuitous violence and more intense sequences, Mark Boone Junior recalled enduring noticeable levels of psychological and physical exhaustion while portraying a prominent member of an illegal enterprise constantly at war with a formidable faction. "Playing and being around that kind of violence, you know, there was a lot of awful things that occurred, and it did affect me," the actor said in a video posted by Fan Expo. "It did affect me, I mean, like being involved in such horrible things that we did."

But despite having some rough memories, his time on the series was rewarding that led to several roles since portraying Bobby on "Sons of Anarchy." He joined the Star Wars franchise as Ranzar Malk in "The Mandalorian," which received positive reactions from fans like one Twitter user who wrote, "Mark Boone Junior in chapter 6 is all I needed in my life," and @CaesarsWolfpack thought it was "fantastic" seeing the "SOA" actor in a galaxy far, far away. It doesn't matter what situation Boone finds himself in because the reaction from fans always seems pretty crazy.