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When It Comes To CSI: Vegas' Science, Matt Lauria Has No Idea What's Going On

Forensics is a discipline that requires a fair amount of knowledge in several different subjects. Besides knowledge of biology, one should also have an understanding of chemistry, geology, psychology, sociology, and many other topics. In other words, the team members in "CSI: Vegas" have to be well-read and scientifically literate in order to succeed. One of the lead investigators in "CSI: Vegas" is Josh Folsom (Matt Lauria), and he typically has a hands-on approach to his style of leadership and his command of coworkers.

However, in a surprise twist, it seems as if Lauria isn't exactly the keenest when it comes to the science of "CSI: Vegas," and the role truly requires him to flex his acting chops. In an interview with Parade, Lauria explained that some of the science is totally lost on him, and said, "It's Greek to me. Look, even if you were an ace in science in high school, I doubt that many high school students ever encounter the term (he rattles off a big term ending in leukocytes). Maybe, but not in any high school science class I ever took. Look, I love science, but it was never my strong suit. I am an actor, and my entire high school career was dedicated to that. I did well in math, and I did well in science, but this is definitely the next level. Most of the time, I have no idea what we're talking about."

Lauria likes the role of Folsom because it is a challenge

This is actually an interesting response, and it truly highlights the separation between character and actor. Although Josh Folsom is well-versed and exceptionally intelligent when it comes to the scientific knowledge required for "CSI: Vegas," the actor who plays him is truly just embodying a role. One has to wonder how much Matt Lauria has to practice his lines, and what may have drawn the actor to the role in the first place.

Speaking with TV Fanatic, Matt Lauria was asked why he joined the cast of "CSI: Vegas" and what he liked about his character, replying that he had a great conversation with showrunner Jason Tracy and that Lauria absolutely loved reading about Folsom. Lauria continued, "It was the combination of having an extraordinary meeting with him and reading this excellent character description and the few scenes I did for my audition were fun. The thing that attracts me to a role is something different than what I've done before, something that's challenging and gets you a little nervous." Reading this statement, it becomes apparent that Lauria likes to get out of his proverbial comfort zone, which helps explain why Lauria might be a little lost when it comes to the science on "CSI: Vegas," though he definitely does his homework.