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Here's Where You Can Stream Mystery Science Theater 3000 Revival's S3 For Free

For many fans, it's hard to believe that "Mystery Science Theater 3000" released its first episode over 25 years ago. Before making its way to Comedy Central, "MST3K" kicked off its first season in 1988 on a local channel in Minneapolis. After the jump to a national (cable) stage, the series became a cult classic and lasted a total of 11 seasons before finally coming to an end in 1999. Fans finally got a Netflix reboot in 2017, with two new hilarious seasons, until the plug was pulled yet again. That is, until the creators set up a Kickstarter fundraiser to make a third season on their own, offering exclusive access to those who contributed (in addition to those who paid for streaming). The good news is that in just a short time, Season 3 will be available for free.

And for those who don't know, the series followed Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgson), who has been trapped in space by two mad scientists who force him to watch some of the worst B-movies ever created, usually in the science-fiction or horror genre. Joel isn't alone completely, as he has two witty robots, Crow T. Robot (Trace Beaulieu) and Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy), who join him to hilariously comment on what they're watching on the screen. One may think that such a long stretch between the original series and the reboot may have dissolved any major attention, but fans proved that they weren't only watching past episodes, but were craving more.

MST3K will no longer have to pay to watch all of Season 3

Fans of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" who were thirsty for new content after watching years of the same reruns found their savior in Netflix, which revived the series in 2017, providing two full new seasons before concluding in 2022. The core premise remained intact: A human, Jonah Heston (Jonah Ray), is imprisoned in space and forced to watch horrible B-movies. He's flanked by both of the original robots, offering their humorous observations once again. However, with a higher budget this time, the revival added new characters and even some half-decent special effects. But fans who were hoping for a Season 3 found that it was released exclusively for those who technically helped pay for it and those okay with shelling out the dough to subscribe. 

"MST3K's" original creator Joel Hodgson set up the Kickstarter account to fund a brand new season. Viewers impressively contributed around $6.5 million to the fund, allowing producers to make the new 13-episode season, as well as to create the exclusive streaming outlet, Gizmoplex, that aired them. Once completed, unless you were to purchase each episode on-demand individually, these new episodes became available for only those who contributed to the fundraiser or paid for a Gizmoplex subscription. 

But starting March 13, 2023, this will no longer be the case. Pluto TV has got its own "MST3K" channel and will now be offering the entire Season 3 for free starting at 11 AM ET when all 13 episodes will stream marathon-style. Once again, fans will be able to join the entrapped crew and share with them the torture of watching a perfectly awful movie.