You Fans Are Buzzing Over Taylor Swift's Song In S4's Finale

Contains spoilers for "You," Season 4, Episode 10 — The Death of Jonathan Moore"

It's Joe, hi; he's the problem, it's Joe.

In the Season 4 finale of "You," Joe Goldberg — played with unsettling charm, as always, by Penn Badgley — is on top of the world, back in Manhattan with his girlfriend Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) with all the wealth and power he could possibly hope for as a guy who really, really likes to murder people. So what song could perfectly soundtrack this triumphant moment? Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero," obviously.

Showrunner Sera Gamble explained just how this came about to The Cut, saying, "It had only come out a couple of weeks before, and we were in post production. The episode was pretty much finished. We were putting the songs in, and we knew we needed a big song there. "Anti-Hero" just seemed so perfect, and then Penn dropped his first TikTok, and I watched it and I thought, that's a good point. He's the problem. It's him. And so we thought, no harm in asking!" Gamble is, for those out of the loop, referencing Badgley's very first foray onto TikTok, where he lip-synced to the song as both himself and a baseball cap-clad Joe. Naturally, fans of both "You" and Taylor Swift, the latter of whom are very vocal about their feelings, had a lot to say.

Swifties loved this You reference to their fearless leader

Over on Twitter, fans flocked to their accounts to praise this very specific song choice. @dilelannister wrote, "taylor swift's anti-hero plays in the episode where joe finally realizes he's the problem. THIS IS CINEMA." Unofficial Twitter account @tsworldtour13 took to Twitter to remind fans that this isn't even the series' first Swift needle drop: "I am screaming!! Anti Hero by Taylor Swift on #YouNetflix. Joe Goldberg is the problem. Always. Period. Catch Anti Hero on episode 10 of You Season 4.. remember last season they played EXILE from folklore.. iconic." Meanwhile, @rosiesimpsonn_ wondered if Joe is also a Swiftie, saying, "you s3 ending with exile and you s4 ending with anti-hero? joe goldberg is a taylor swift stan."

Whether or not Joe Goldberg is a Taylor Swift fan isn't canon just yet, but the powers behind the series are clearly passionate about her music — and, once again, it's at least apparent that Joe is undeniably the problem.