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A What If...? Season 2 Episode Will Introduce A New Marvel Hero

One of the great things about watching Marvel's "What If...?" on Disney+ is the excitement that comes when a new character comes on board to navigate an alternate timeline. For a show that shakes up the foundations of the "MCU" timeline thanks to the ending of "Loki," the animated anthology has consistently swapped occupations of everybody from T'Challa to the show's narrator, the Watcher.

With the arrival of Season 2 sometime in 2023, viewers can look forward to the introduction of Kahhori, a Mohawk woman on a search to learn more about her powers. This is brought to light once the Tesseract Infinity Stone falls to Earth in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Marvel reports. The episode will take place before America was colonized by Europeans.

Her intro and the installment, in general, is a step forward for inclusivity and proper indigenous storytelling as Marvel also revealed the Mohawk Nation worked closely with writer Ryan Little to ensure accurate cultural representation. With the character reveal, fans are sharing their excitement about discovering more of the young woman's quest. 

The episode will explore Kahhori's quest to unlock her power

In describing his approach to crafting the episode's narrative, Ryan Little shared with Marvel how shaping Kahhori's journey was made possible by his collaboration with a writer who fostered experiences with a northern New York state Indigenous community. He revealed that Kahhori's name translates as one who "stirs the forest," which is a form of influence she will use to gather help in her expedition to save her people and alter the trajectory of history.

On Marvel Entertainment's Twitter page announcing the character, fans of "What If...?" let their opinions be known. @HenryLouis21 tweeted, "I dig her design. If she's original and was made exclusively for 'What If' then I hope we get to see her in the comics." @shiko23456789 agreed and shared their excitement for the installment, while @Jsanorec commented how it was great to see an original character with no attachments to the other MCU players that frequently show up in the series. 

But a large bulk of fan reactions were also letting it be known they are eagerly awaiting a Season 2 release date. @B0zzman_ observed, "This is cool but can you release a trailer or something??" The 2nd season of the series has been long in development since the debut installment of episodes last aired in late 2021. With this announcement, and a current 2023 release scheduled, fans shouldn't have too much longer to wait.