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Archeology Is (Hilariously) Dangerous In The Trailer For Comedy Central's New Series Digman!

Comedy Central's "Digman!" likely elicited a lot of confusion when it was announced as an animated comedy series where the world's archaeologists are all celebrities. But its style and premise actually have a lot in common with other adult-oriented animation offerings such as "Family Guy" and "Archer." Andy Samberg co-created the series and voices the main character Rip Digman, a down-on-his-luck excavator who gets to reclaim his former glory in the field. The program is also co-helmed by Neil Campbell — who worked with the comedian on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Samberg is joined in the voice cast by fellow "SNL" alums Tim Meadows and Tim Robinson, and Melissa Fumero, who co-starred with the comedian in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." When the program was announced in September 2022, its co-creator and lead actor described the show as a scathing homage to archeologists within the heroic myth Hollywood created around the field through features like "Raiders of the Lost Ark." And now, a hilarious trailer for "Digman!" has been released with just as much cheeky humor as Samberg's description.

Digman! is an irreverent animated comedy about celebrity archaeologists

The trailer for "Digman!" starts with Rip Digman providing a voiceover montage where he states, "The glory. The fame. I yearn for it still," followed by images of an archeological excavation site within a mountain range. Digman continues by sharing, "But as we all know, legends are rarely real," before he and his partners run out of an exploding volcano with an artifact. The clip then cuts to Rip years later, laying in his bed listening to a newscast that describes how he was fired from the Smithsonian Institute and ponders what he is doing with his life now.

A slowed-down rendition of "All-Star" by Smash Mouth starts playing over the promo as viewers are introduced to Digman's assistants and co-excavators who try to get him back into the field with clumsy results. The dark humor is on full display as the trailer showcases how Samberg's character goes about getting back into the groove of what made him a celebrity scientist in the first place.

The comedy is sometimes vulgar, which should appeal to audiences that enjoy adult-oriented animation. Viewers can check out where "Digman!" will fit into this pantheon of shows when it premieres on Comedy Central on March 22 at 10:30 PM ET. It will also be available to stream on Paramount Plus.