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Star Wars Writer Compares The Bad Batch To A Family Road Trip

When it comes to current "Star Wars" media, "The Mandalorian" is getting the lion's share of attention on Disney+. However, it does manage to overlap with another "Star Wars" property die-hard fans will want to tune into — "The Bad Batch." The series spun off from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." The final season of that show featured an arc depicting a ragtag team of clone troopers with various defects making them more highly specialized for their jobs. When the Empire takes total control of the galaxy, they don't revert to their programming to continue serving the Empire. Instead, they go on the run with another member joining their ranks — Omega — just as Crosshair goes his separate way.

Season 2 of "The Bad Batch" premiered earlier this year, and it's airing new episodes on Wednesdays alongside "The Mandalorian." They're still taking on side missions to make ends meet, all while staying off the Empire's radar in an increasingly hostile environment. While "The Bad Batch" has all the makings of a "Clone Wars"-style series, those behind the show view it in a much different light compared to other "Star Wars" properties.

The Bad Batch still have a long way to go

"The Bad Batch" Season 1 finale put the titular group in an interesting area. They were presumed dead after the attack on Tipoca City, so the Empire had no reason to look for them after the fact. They've had to maintain a low profile throughout Season 2, but their relative safety always seems to be under threat. While the show retains action scenes and sequences of peril, the series' head writer, Jennifer Corbett, has a unique view of their storyline. 

When speaking to StarWars.com, Corbett talked about the journey the crew has gone through over the seasons, likening it to something most people can relate to. She stated, "I sort of picture it as like a family road trip." It's all in jest as she apparently shared a laugh before continuing, "Cross-country, and you're right in the middle and you still have a long way to go." The group's situation only becomes more precarious as time goes on. The Empire grows larger with each passing second at this point in the "Star Wars" story, and while the batch wants to help others, they also need to think about their own safety.

This idea of having a long road ahead of them has been apparent since the beginning. During Star Wars Celebration 2022, a poster of the upcoming season was shared with the tagline: "Long Road Ahead." Hopefully, that lengthy road includes plenty more seasons once Season 2 wraps up here in the near future.