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Christian Serratos Felt A Bit Robbed Of A Dramatic Farewell After Rosita's TWD Fate

Although AMC's "The Walking Dead" is well-known for its gory zombie violence, shocking character deaths, and bleak apocalyptic setting, the series finale "Rest in Peace" actually gave the show a remarkably happy ending. In the aftermath of the walker attack on the Commonwealth — which ended with former governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) in prison — the survivors led by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) enjoy a well-deserved victory feast within the now-safe walls.

This dinner scene is unlike any other in the entire series, with characters laughing, drinking, and relaxing in spite of the horrific world outside. The segment is almost like something out of another show entirely, one where all of these people are just friends meeting for a dinner party and enjoying life. The series's final moments continue this happy, hopeful tone by showing Judith and R.J. Grimes (played by Cailey Fleming and Antony Azor) staring out on a lush green field and saying: "We get to start over. We're the ones who live."

Despite the surprisingly positive tone of this finale, it wouldn't be a "The Walking Dead" episode without at least one shocking and tragic death: and in this episode, it just so happens to be Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), who reveals during dinner that she was bitten during the battle. Even though Rosita's demise is one of the most significant moments of the entire finale, Serratos still feels that she was somewhat "robbed" of the dramatic farewell that other deceased cast members received – particularly because her death coincided with the end of the show.

Serratos felt the end of the show overshadowed her exit

The heartwarming dinner sequence in "Rest in Peace" is cut short when Rosita Espinosa reveals to Gabriel Stokes that she was bitten during the battle for the Commonwealth. She passes away peacefully later on, with Gabriel and Eugene Porter right there by her side through the entire ordeal. Not only is this one of the more anticlimactic death scenes in "The Walking Dead" (a show well known for killing off major characters in gruesome and bloody ways), but actor Christian Serratos felt that it was anticlimactic behind the scenes as well since it was overshadowed by the show's ending.

"If you mean in terms of on set, then yeah, I didn't necessarily get the experience or the attention that the people who left before me did," stated Serratos in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I wanted everyone to be crying over losing me, but we were all crying over losing each other and losing the show, so I was robbed of that a bit. But I got a bit of that in my death scene. And it's nice." Serratos went on to explain that previous actors whose characters had been killed off, like Steven Yeun, had a much more intense experience leaving the set because all of their friends got to continue on without them.

Although Serratos was a bit underwhelmed by her sendoff from "The Walking Dead" franchise, she also reiterated her immense gratitude that Rosita made it to the very end of the series – an impressive feat, given all the deaths that came before. In any case, it's clear that Serratos' exit from the series was unique.