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The Bad Batch Confirms Some Video Game Canon In The Star Wars Universe

While "Star Wars" continues to find success on Disney+, Dave Filoni proves he's in a class of his own, running the animation side of the franchise. "The Bad Batch" is his latest project, spinning off from the final season of "The Clone Wars." The series focuses on the titular group of clone troopers who resist the influence of Order 66, becoming fugitives of the Empire.

Lucasfilm rang in the new year with the premiere of Season 2, giving fans more stories centered on Clone Force 99. Everyone's back for the second season, including Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair, all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Because "Star Wars" loves a good parent-child dynamic, the group's "adopted daughter," Omega, has also returned, this time with a much-needed updated design.

Season 2 continues the story introduced in Season 1, with the Empire slowly phasing out the clones in favor of developing stormtroopers. If there's one thing to take away from "The Bad Batch," it's that clones get no respect, as fans get to see the aftermath of Order 66 from their perspectives. With a story centered around clones, Filoni wasn't pulling any punches, including numerous fan-favorite characters throughout the Bad Batch's adventures. Season 2, Episode 3, "The Solitary Clone," brought back Commander Cody, while Episode 11, "Metamorphosis," connected the series to an old video game: Republic Commando.

Scorch is officially Star Wars canon

Ever since Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, the expansive canon of "Star Wars" — which consisted of hundreds of books, games, comic books, and more — became a thing of the past, with Disney starting fresh with the franchise. Since then, Lucasfilm has slowly brought aspects from this "Extended Universe" into their main canon, and with "The Bad Batch," Season 2, Episode 11, "Metamorphosis," Scorch has officially joined the "Star Wars" roster.

LucasArts originally introduced Scorch (RC-1262) into the "Star Wars" timeline with "Republic Commando," a 2005 video game for Windows and Xbox. The game bridged the gap between "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith," giving players the clones' perspective, similar to what Dave Filoni is doing with "The Bad Batch." In "Republic Commando," fans play as Boss, the leader of Delta Squad, an elite group of clones trained by Mandalorians. Scorch, the team's demolitions expert, is the first commando to squad up with Boss after arriving on Geonosis. He constantly makes funny comments during the squad's campaigns, pestering the team with his comedic relief throughout the game.

In "The Bad Batch," Scorch appears on Mount Tantiss alongside Doctor Royce Hemlock. In "Metamorphosis," Hemlock tasks him with recapturing the Zillo Beast and getting rid of any evidence surrounding the wreck. After taking care of the problem, Scorch and his squadron "take care" of a group of civilians that saw the Zillo before Hemlock orders him to investigate Clone Force 99's leader. After a second brief appearance on the show, "Star Wars" officially confirmed Scorch's return to the canon on Twitter, exciting fans for his possible future in the series.