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The Winchesters Fans Are Buzzing Over The Led Zeppelin Song In S1's Finale

Never underestimate the power of a perfectly timed needle drop. The right song choice can make all the difference in how an audience takes in a scene. It's all the more impactful if it actually factors into a character's arc or a significant story beat and isn't just there because it happens to be the flavor of the week. 

Led Zeppelin had been a featured band for the Winchester brothers on "Supernatural" for a long time. For instance, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) would often use the band members' names as aliases. In the episode "Bedtime Stories," Sam and Dean have fake IDs that refer to themselves as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, respectively, which are two of the names of Led Zeppelin members. It's even been established "Ramble On" by the band is one of Dean's favorite songs.

Therefore, it's only appropriate that in Season 1, Episode 13 of the "Supernatural" spin-off, "The Winchesters," a Led Zeppelin song is used to close things out. "Ramble On" plays, and fans loved the nod to Dean's favorite band.

Fans wonder how they got the rights to the music

Led Zeppelin is notoriously picky when it comes to licensing out their songs. For starters, the entire band has to agree to the usage of the music for it to get the green light. Some projects have been lucky enough to get the band's blessing (after forking over a ton of cash), such as "School of Rock," "Shrek the Third," and "Thor: Ragnarok." Now, "The Winchesters" is in that company with the inclusion of "Ramble On."

Fans loved how Dean Winchester is still picking the music. @violetmatter pondered how they managed to get the song rights: "Do you guys think Jensen wrote a letter like 'Please Led Zeppelin is Dean's fave band, and I named my kid after y'all, and we included all these references and-.'" And Led Zeppelin wasn't the only band getting a shoutout, with @deanwisloved pointing out, "Also, can we talk about the budget?! Jensen got The Doors, The Who, Led Zeppelin! LED ZEPPELIN!! I cannot!!!"

It's been a slow burn finally getting a Led Zeppelin needle drop, but it was well worth it. @PurpleNurpleSPN couldn't help but get emotional over everything, writing, "I can't count the amount of times I actually screamed in happiness to #TheWinchesters finale! The last one was WE FINALLY GOT LED ZEPPELIN PLAYING!" This needle drop was a long time coming, but it's like the song says, "Now's the time, the time is now."