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The Meanest Things People Can Say To South Park's Matt Stone And Trey Parker

"South Park" has remained a seminal pop culture and comedy force for over 25 years. While the series has courted controversy for the entirety of its extensive run, its creators and central voice actors, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have been laughing all the way to the bank after making a jaw-dropping deal with Viacom CBS worth more than $900 million.

With the "Streaming Wars" and "Post-COVID" specials arriving as "South Park" continues its run as a television series, there's more of the duo's signature style of wacky satire and button-pushing humor than ever for fans to appreciate. Still, for much of their career, Parker and Stone have been at odds with another adult-themed comedy series: "Family Guy."

After notoriously ripping the format of the Fox series to shreds in the two-part "Cartoon Wars" episodes back in Season 10, Parker and Stone have made their thoughts on "Family Guy" very clear, and they're not kind. Likely, this is why the two absolutely hate when people compare "South Park" to "Family Guy."

Parker and Stone hate when people compare their show to Family Guy

Speaking to Exclaim! before they took "Family Guy" to task in "South Park," Trey Parker and Matt Stone spoke about their disdain for the animated sitcom that has been running for nearly as long as their own show. When asked what the worst thing anyone had ever said to them about "South Park," both creators mentioned how insulting it is to be mentioned in the same breath with a series that they despise so much.

"When people say to me, 'God, you guys have one of the best shows on television. You and 'Family Guy,”" said Stone. "That f****** hurts so bad." For his part, Parker was quick to agree, but he mentioned that there was another thing he hated hearing from fans when he sees them. "Very well said. It's such a kick in the balls. And the other one is, 'Oh my God, it's those guys from 'BASEketball,'" he said. "Which happens a lot."

Longtime fans of the comedy duo will recall that they made the live-action comedy film, "BASEketball," amid the buzz that followed "South Park" when it first premiered in the late-'90s. The movie was a notorious failure, bombing at the box office and being largely panned by critics. Still, it sounds like being compared to "Family Guy" rankles Parker and Stone more than anything else.