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Chris Evans' Ghosted: Some Fans Agree The Trailer Gave The Whole Story Away

According to some fans, the trailer for "Ghosted" should carry a spoiler warning. The film is set to be released next month on the streaming service Apple TV+ and stars Hollywood heavyweights Chris Evans ("Captain America") and Ana de Armas ("Blonde"). The original story from "Deadpool" scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick seems to contain more than a couple of surprising twists — or they would be surprising if they hadn't all been laid out in the first trailer. Though these don't technically count as hard spoilers, readers hoping to preserve some mystery about the plot should probably divert their attention now.

As the trailer opens, "Ghosted" presents itself as a straightforward romantic comedy. Instantly enamored by the gorgeous Sadie (Armas), lonely-hearted Cole (Evans) makes the bold move of asking her out in a parking lot. After an impromptu date that seemingly goes well, Sadie vanishes without trace nor text, leaving Cole properly "ghosted." Of course, he does what any reasonable person would do and follows her to another country, where it's revealed that Sadie is a CIA asset on an international mission. Hijinks and intrigue ensue until the two of them end up fighting side by side to save the day.

By most standards, that short summary of the trailer would serve as a passable synopsis for the entire film, which is likely why would-be fans online are upset about being ambushed with so many spoilers in the ad.

Who needs leaks with trailers like these?

"You see a movie in its entirety when you watch modern trailers," lamented Twitter user @MMul1. Of course, "Ghosted" did not invent the oversharing trailer. In fact, films as far back as 1990's "Total Recall" had given away major plot points in ads — though perhaps the trend has been exacerbated by how unavoidable some trailers are in the social media era. While one may have had to search out the trailer for "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" (which gives away the return of a certain wizard), a noticeable piece of careful editing in a "Spider-Man: No Way Home" trailer became a trending topic online.

Charitably, it surely wasn't the studio's intent to spoil the film. From their perspective, Apple TV+ was likely trying to attract the right audience to their action-comedy, a goal that would be ill-served by burying the action entirely. That being said, this trailer has seemingly dampened potential excitement for "Ghosted."

"This looks good," said @DavidMedina_, "but [they] showed the whole movie in the trailer so I saw it all already. No need to watch it now." This sentiment was echoed by several online, who may have otherwise found themselves stumbling upon the film pleasantly surprised. 

Hopefully, when "Ghosted" finally drops on April 21st, the film will have enough surprises remaining to thrill audiences nonetheless.